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Petition Sending prodbyzaqq To Ukraine Is Created



@prodbyzaqq/ Credit: Reddit

Social media gives everyday people hundreds of opportunities to become famous. It only takes one post or a long list of comments, in the case of @prodbyzaqq, to become famous. Zaqq has become recognized by leaving comments under the post of Kanye West. These posts help spread Zaqq’s name around the internet, but Kanye fans have had enough of him and his shitposting. Fans of Ye want to send @prodbyzaqq to the front lines of Ukraine.

Petition Sending prodbyzaqq to Ukraine Is Created

Comments by @prodbyzaqq

Is @prodbyzaqq Clout Chasing? Is it love?

Prodbyzaqq’s comments are believed to be a way to gain followers for his own career. “Ye da 🐐 no 🧢,” “KIMYE FOREVER,” and “Let the man be a father…” are some of his most famous comments. His comments are random, but he does show genuine support for Kanye West. The statements above are just a short sample of the countless amounts of messages he has left under Ye’s posts. Zaqq’s endless raid of comments has annoyed the other fans of Kanye.

Petition Sending prodbyzaqq to Ukraine Is Created

Credit: Reddit

Fans are beginning to attack @prodbyzaqq online. Many fans have had enough of him and his comment rants. It’s funny that fans dislike Zaqq for spazzing out on social media, but l defend Kanye when he does the same thing. The annoyance has grown to the point that someone has created a petition to send Zaqq to Ukraine’s front lines.

The petition against @prodbyzaqq

Bavid Basselhoff created the petition on the website. The petition was created because the creator thought it would be “funny.”

“Prodbyzaqq kinda annoying tbh. I think it would be kinda funny, too.” via Bavid Basselhoff

Not sure if the creator of the petition or the people signing is considering the people on the front lines of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Soldiers have already lost their lives, and this petition is insensitive. In the last six hours, six thousand people have signed the petition. Not sure what this petition will lead to, but @prodbyzaqq has not limited his presence on social media. The petition is added to the popularity of this producer/rapper.

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If you want to help Ukrainians, who are now dying, lacking food and medication, hiding from bombs, and struggling to save their country, visit #HelpUkraine.

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