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The Music Of War: “Blueprint” By Jay-Z & “Mariupol” By alyona alyona



alyona alyona, Jay-Z: The Music Of War
Jay-Z in 2001 and alyona alyona recently. Image source: CNN, Europe-cities.

More than 420,000 copies of Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” were sold the first week after the album’s release. At this time, the multi-platinum record has been legally purchased by at least 2,000,000 people in the United States only.

Some claim that 420,000 “Blueprint” copies successfully sold during the first week after its release is insensible, considering the record came out on Sep 11, 2001.

“Those (black and white) who purchased Jay’s album in the midst of slow moving thick clouds of pyroclastic dust billowing around the recently imploded Twin Towers were…seeking solace from a grim reality,” The Grio tragically informs its readers. “Or they were indeed doing the only thing they knew how to do in times war and peace: consume.”

I hope The Grio’s writers don’t get cold on the moral high grounds they seem to hold so close to heart. Meanwhile, the rest of us senseless consumers can go to various of Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” lyrics, like the ones below, and see why one would consider purchasing such a record when “seeking solace from a grim reality.”

“Hey, lil’ soldier, you ain’t ready for war
R-O-C too strong for y’all
It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight, pen to a test
Your chest in the line of fire with your thin-ass vest”— “Takeover


“I spring train in the winter, ’round early December
Run suicide drills over and over
With the weight of the world on my shoulder” — “Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise)

Change “R-O-C” to “U-S-A” in “Takeover,” and you have yourself a military song.

Obviously, Jay-Z put completely other meanings in “Blueprint” tracks. The album’s unfortunate release date is just a result of unfortunate circumstances. Such would include that in 2001 the new records were usually available to the public on Tuesdays.

However, the album’s lyrics are still there, and one can take them in various ways. Considering the tragic events, “Blueprint’s” lyrics seem a good option for one to resort to. The point is music can unite and heal people during tragic or challenging times.

Music can also send a message.

Like the one alyona alyona is sending in her new “Mariupol” (“Маріуполь”) song and music video.


Mariupol is a Ukrainian city that has suffered countless devastating attacks since the beginning of the Russian occupation of Ukraine. Devastating attacks included bombing a maternity hospital, turning nearly half of the city into ruins, and killing tens of thousands of civilians.

Since the beginning of Mariupol’s full-scale occupation by Russia, reports of “propaganda trucks” appeared. Machines are driving around the city, showing people the “right” TV channels with news and kids’ programming. There’s no way to hide or get away from this. The transport drives around the city streets during the day, with the loudspeakers telling people “the truth.”

How do you combat the power which destroyed half of the city and now trying to forcibly indoctrinate its citizens? What do you put against its lies and propagandist messages?

The new alyona alyona’s music video primarily consists of Mariupol’s footage. The shots of the pre-war peaceful city with happy people and everyday routine change to the footage of destroyed Mariupol’s buildings, refugees trying to escape the occupation, and soldiers fighting for their homes. The music video’s distinction between war and peace says more than a thousand words or any propagandist message.

War & Music

Music unites. It helps to get through the darkest times. And motivates. There’s no proof or clarity on the amount of help “Blueprint” provided to boost the army to capture and eradicate Osama Bin Laden. However, it’s likely that many people resorted to Jay-Z’s record and found the source of power in it during the challenging times.

So, let’s hope that someone will watch alyona alyona’s new music video and motivate themselves to capture the Russian Osama Bin Laden sometime soon.

Watch the “Mariupol” music video by alyona alyona and the Ukraїner project below:

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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If you want to help Ukrainians who are now fighting to save their country, visit #HelpUkraine | Listen to the voice of Mariupol | Save Mariupol campaign

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