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Brooklyn Pastor Lamor M. Whitehead Has Been Accused Of Stealing $90,000 From One Of His Church Members



Brooklyn Pastor Lamor M. Whitehead allegedly stole $90,000 from congregant. Image Source: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

The saying “What’s in the dark will come to light” resonates with the situation the elegant Brooklyn pastor is currently facing. It emphasizes the importance of exposing what’s in the dark. Even a pastor who may seem incapable of sinning due to their position in the church has sins to confess.

Bishop M. Whitehead, who leads the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches, was robbed with his wife of $1 million in jewelry during his live-streamed sermon on Sunday. On top of that, some new information has just come out of the woodwork!

A member of Whitehead’s church, 56-year-old Pauline Anderson, alleges that Whitehead stole $90,000 from her retirement funds. In September of last year, she filed a complaint with the New York Supreme Court in Kings County.

Pastor Allegedly Persuaded Victim To Invest In One Of His Businesses

According to the New York Post, in November 2020, Lamor was alleged to have convinced Anderson to invest nearly all her life savings in one of his companies, according to a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court. Despite her bad credit history, he assured her that he would be able to assist her in buying a home. Evidently, Pauline believed that she could trust Lamor completely. No one will trust someone with their money or assets if they are not confident that they are trustworthy.

Anderson’s lawsuit alleges that rather than helping her find a home, the Rolls-Royce driving clergyman uses the funds as part of a down payment on a contract to buy a $4.4 million house for him in Saddle River, New Jersey.

Whenever the fashionista appears in the public eye, he flaunts his sparkling chains, dazzling outfits, and motorcade of luxury vehicles. Critics believe that his material possessions are one of the reasons why the robbers targeted him. In some cases, jealous individuals attempt to sabotage a person’s life if that person seems to lead a high-profile existence.


Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead. Image Source: Instagram/iambishopwhitehead

The Alleged Scamming Process

Furthermore, you may be wondering how Pauline met Lamor. Whitehead was introduced to Pauline by her son Rasheed Anderson in April 2020. Rasheed arranged for his mother to speak with Lamor through a prayer call. In response to Pauline’s desire to purchase a home, a second phone conversation occurred between Pauline and Lamor in July.

As per the lawsuit, Whitehead helped Pauline navigate the process of purchasing a home by walking her through each step of the way. During a three-way telephone call later that month, the Brooklyn pastor sought to obtain Anderson’s life savings from a financial institution.

The clergyman introduced Pauline to two mortgage lenders unwilling to lend to her due to her deteriorating credit record. He recommended that she invest $90,000 into his own company. Why? Because he said, he would use it to buy her a home. In addition, he promised to repair any damage it might have and fully refund her change if there was any. Because of that oral agreement, Anderson provided the preacher with cash in November 2020 without requesting a receipt or confirmation.

Pauline Anderson Is Suing The Brooklyn Pastor

Whenever a person engages in a business that is likely to sabotage one’s life if one is not careful, getting as much documentation as possible is crucial in case one is screwed over and ultimately loses everything. Choosing wisely is very important when you live in a world where people are willing to commit fraudulent acts.

Later, Lamor told Anderson he was not responsible for repaying her since he had invested the funds in his company. While the case is still pending, Pauline Anderson seeks $1 million in compensation for her losses due to Whitehead’s illegal activities.

Written by Nikiya Biggs

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