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Cardi B Shows Off New Ink On Her Face



Cardi B Performs at Wireless Festival. Photo: Getty Images

Cardi B just got some new ink, and she’s been showing it off to the world. The Bronx artist revealed her fresh tattoos via Instagram Live. She tatted the names of her children, Kulture and Wave, on her face. Cardi has her son, Wave, on the side of of it in red ink. Kulture’s name is tattooed on her arm in a similar fashion.  It’s funny because last year the 29-year-old rapper was grateful that she never got a face tattoo as a teenager. Then, earlier this year, she hinted at getting a face tattoo on Twitter.  I guess the birth of her son changed her mind. Tattoo artist, Robinson De Los Santos did the work.

Cardi Loves Tattoos

As we all know, Cardi is no stranger to getting tattoos. She has a name tattoo of her husband, Offset, on the back of her thigh.  She also has a name tattoo of her sister, Hennessey, on her bicep.  These are just some of the many tattoos she has.  In hip-hop, tattoos on faces are a thing and have been for a while.  From Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne to Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd many artists have tattoos on their face. Drake has even joined the club. Celebrity tattoo artist Noah Lee did the honors.  Just like Cardi, the 6 God honored someone near and dear to him. He got the initials “s.g” under his eye in red ink as well.  S.G. stands for Sandra Graham, who is his mother.


Cardi B is a trendsetter, so I expect more women to follow suit in getting their faces tatted.  She also may make Duck nails a thing again.  The nails started trending on TikTok again recently and Cardi B has been involved.  Last week, the Grammy winning artist took to Instagram to show off her new nails.  She displayed French tips with cherry decals and red gems.  Also called “Jersey nails,” Cardi has elevated the craze of Duck nails.  We will be seeing Duck nails and face tattoos everywhere now.

Written by: Brandon SImmons

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