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Cardi B Wants Acknowledgement For Influencing Hip-Hop



Cardi B Wants Acknowledgement For Influencing Hip-Hop
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For years, it seemed there was only room for one woman at a time to dominate the hip-hop industry. However, now that there are plenty of women rappers on the scene, Cardi B wants her props. In an interview with The Neighborhood Talk, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper said, “My fans point out things that I have influenced.” She continued saying “My fans aren’t saying that people are copying me or anything, my fans are just saying that, like, you could see the influence. Why does that bother you guys so much?”

 I just feel like people be trying to discredit me so bad that they just like try to erase everything I do.

The rapper further explained her comments on Twitter. “Well like I said here GO CHECK how many people use the directors and photographers before and after I used them. Go check how many people try to remake the press naked dance scene,” she said. “Check how many people was wearing certain brand b4 & after I put it on my body.” People on Twitter often pit women rappers and pop stars against each other. Social media users downplayed her accomplishments before, which explains why she spoke up. However, unsurprisingly, people began wondering if she meant anyone in particular. Luckily, one of her fans came to her aid. They clarified saying the statements are for “stans and locals who sit and act like she didn’t have any impact.”

Cardi B’s Impressive Array Of Accomplishments

Despite online criticism, the rapper has received acknowledgement for her hard work. It’s only been four years since her debut album, Invasion of Privacy. All 13 tracks on the album are certified platinum or higher according to Billboard, making RIAA history. She’s earned a Grammy plus nine nominations. At this point, if Cardi wants to keep her critics silent, is to continue what she’s doing.

Written by Kimberly Stelly | Instagram | Twitter

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