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Coi Leray Claps Back At Latto On Twitter For An Alleged Diss



Coi Leray, Latto, and Mariah the Scientist. Image source: Audiomack.

The hip-hop girlies may be fighting again. Coi Leray was unhappy about Latto comparing her to the size of a blunt in a new song.

The “Big Energy” rapper initially performed the controversial “Put It On Da Floor” single during Coachella. It then got released past Friday, Apr 22, also causing a stir and a harsh response from Coi Leray.

The exact lyric in the “Put It On Da Floor,” new single goes, “smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray.”

Latto’s Similar Lyric On “Don’t Play With It”

Latto has also mentioned someone’s body size in her lyrics before. A month ago, on Lola Brooke’s “Don’t Play With It” remix, also with Yung Miami, Latto rapped:

“Drop that hunnid on a pennant, that shit big as Lola.”

However, although it was Lola’s own song, it did not seem like the artist took Latto’s lyric about her size offensively.

Coi Took It To Twitter

On the other hand, Coi Leray did not take Latto’s lyrics so well. She considered “Put It On Da Floor” a diss, which is also allegedly body-shaming the “Blick Blick” artist.

So Coi took her anger to Twitter and did not hold back.

First came Coi Leray’s offer to fight Big Latto. “Latto bye…here you go talking about my body,” Coi tweeted after suggesting a trial by combat. “Please do not come on here and talk about nobody BODY…Lmaooo ya blunt my size…this sh** is never ending.”

It did not stop there. The “Twinnem” author then went on to say, “Anybody that talk about my body wants my body!!!!!!!! Like real baddddd.”

Coi Leray also mentioned women who want to be like men “so bad” and have “rap beef.”

Coi Reconsidered Her Initial Reaction

The “Players” rapper then commented on her tweets about Stephens. “Maybe I overreacted [I don’t know]. End of the day. Don’t say my name for clicks and likes. [Especially,] if we don’t speak or communicate.”

The pair were seen in Latto’s “On God” music video in 2020, so some history possibly happened between them. Latto has yet to respond publicly.

Written by Vhannah | Instagram | YouTube

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