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“Here I Come” Rapper Lola Brooke Is Not Playing With The Mainstream Market



Lola Brooke Is Not Playing With The Mainstream
Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke. Image source: Felicia Abban.

Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke is coming for the mainstream market.

The artist’s single “Don’t Play With It” engulfed everyone’s TikTok timeline over the last few months. Most recently, she recruited Yung Miami of City Girls and Latto to hop on the remix at the end of last month.

Lola Brooke Joins Latto’s 777 Radio

Brooke also just stopped by Latto’s 777 radio to talk about the 2021 single, dating in the industry, and her background. 

Lola Brooke told Latto she had a feeling that “Don’t Play With It” was “legit and hard,” but she didn’t know it would be a hit. She thought it would be a hit for the city, yet it went “global,” as the Southern rapper said.

Brooke said she didn’t feel any pressure from the song because it took two years for it to “pop.” The Brooklyn native released other music after she released the later-on hit.

Dating In The Music Industry?

When asked about dating someone in the music industry, the 718 princess sounded like she was leaning towards the idea of being in a relationship with another entertainer.

However, Brooke said she wondered if her significant other could compete with her. Lola also let it be known that she wants a rapper instead of a singer, jokingly solidifying it with lyrics from “Don’t Play With It.”

Lola told Latto that she is single and celebrities are in her DMs.

Where Did The Stage Name Come From?

The rapper also clarified where her stage name originated from. Lola was the “Looney Tunes” show character, Lola Bunny, and the Brooke part of the name came from the New York Borough, Brooklyn.

“Lola The Bunny,” because she was cute and like a tomboy, and Brooke because, as many know, Brooklyn is where she is from. The Arista signee gave us some of her background from New York, from taking the subway to keeping her circle tight to why her borough is the best. Big Gator and Latto were very playful, with great chemistry and many jokes in this episode.

Da Girls” (Remix) Featuring Lola Brooke and Lady London

Lola Brooke is taking the industry by storm, and you can hear her most recent mainstream hit, “Da Girls” (Remix). The song is originally just Ciara but the industry vet tags Brooke and incredible New York rapper Lady London.

Written by Vhannah | Instagram | YouTube

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