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Culture III Out Now



Culture III Out Now

Three years past Culture II, Migos have finally dropped the third part.

At midnight June 11th, Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff released Culture III. Including 19 songs overall, the album features Drake, Future, Justin Bieber, Pop Smoke, and more.

Culture III Out Now

One day before the album, its top track  Avalanche was released together with the video. Starring footage from The Tonight Show performance, the clip mixes it with the band’s interview and their heads-up on their live perspectives and soon-to-be-released record.

Rumors about the next part of the legendary album trilogy (from now) were confirmed two years ago. Offset had an open questionnaire on Twitter and claimed the third part of Culture to be released a year from March 2019.

In January 2021, Migos heated up fan’s expectations by dropping a new trailer for the upcoming release. A year delay happened due to the pandemic. Still, with the second finally ending up, artists can now perform and release new music.

Migos is an Atlanta-based band performing since 2008. They have released multiple albums, including the first and second part of Culture, which went platinum. They had also acted in one of Donald Glover’s Atlanta episodes back in 2016.

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