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Da ‘Naia Jackson Breaks Her Silence 



Da 'Naia Jaxn Breaks Her Silence
Da'Naia Jaxn. Image source: Youtube.

Da’Naia Jaxn, the former wife of proclaimed relationship expert Derrick Jaxn, recently went on record as a featured guest on the Dear Future Wifey podcast. This extensive two-part heart-to-heart interview was an unforgettable open exploration, leaving the viewers with valuable insights.  

Who is Derrick Jaxn?

Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn. Image source: Derrick Jaxn.

Derrick Jaxn became a social media phenom by developing a platform to help women navigate their relationships. His success came from the virality of his advice through various outlets such as YouTube and Instagram. Jaxn offered insight through video podcasts and several books focused on relational advisement. Ironically, the subject of his platform was how to find and recognize a good man.  

However, castles built on sand don’t hold up. And in 2021, the world witnessed the dissolution of Jaxn’s weak and unsteady foundation. The man who had become a web guru on relationships was exposed for serial cheating. In a public video viewed by millions of viewers on various platforms, this is what Derrick Jaxn said:

“The truth is Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage.” 

While his wife, Da’ Naia, sat beside him as they poured their relationship issues out like sticky syrup before the masses, she had yet to tell her side. That has since changed.  

The Opening 

In the opening segment of the interview, Da’ Naia Jaxn expounded on her timing and choice of platform. According to Jaxn, her choice rested on obedience to God. And as a professed Christian, she now relied on being led to tell her story, at this time, in her way. 

Who is Da’Naia Jaxn?

Da'Naia Jackson

Da’Naia Jackson. Image source: Twitter.

In the interview, Da’Naia Jaxn took careful measures to wholly define herself, painting a portrait of her life from birth until now. Jaxn didn’t mince details on the insidious trauma she experienced throughout her life. In fact, at one moment, the discourse led to a specific traumatic encounter that became a sticking point, inevitably affecting Da’Naia’s future marriage. 

As a natural course, the conversation segued to her meeting the man who became Jaxn’s world, Derrick Jaxn. Their meeting, in her sentiment, was sort of like a whirlwind. But a few measured breaths later came an admittance to stored-up bitterness and resentment pervasive during their courtship. According to Jaxn, many of their issues were in part because of unresolved trauma and the transference of pain. But in equal measure was the consistent strain because of happenings within the relationship, 

Da’Naia Jaxn Interview Part I 

One can define part I as an in-depth discourse and uncovering. Da’Naia Jaxn broached topics like soul ties, transparency, congruency, alignment, acceptance of toxicity, and lack of boundaries. This exploration was to understand how Jackson fed into her experiences as a friend, lover, fiancé, and eventually wife. 

It was a reflective journey of growing pangs, perceived indiscretions, and the evolvement of toxicity, which became precursors to an inevitable climactic point. Admittedly, it was an exchange full of vulnerability intermixed with acceptance.  

Da’Naia Jaxn Interview Part II 

With such a complex journey and testimony, Jackson’s interview was divided into two parts. While the first was an unfolding, the second was a dive. 

In this interview, she recounted the road to the breaking point, the moment of decision. And from there, the road to recovery. Then Jaxn tracked back to the spiral into a place of darkness, of loss, a loss of self. 

Essentially, Da’Naia Jackson laid out her pain derived from relationship struggles that led to desperation. It was a dark descent lending to a driving desire to disrobe her identity, seeking a means of transformation to meet an expectation. It all culminated in Jaxn’s journey to acceptance, a road to wholeness, and choosing to use those lessons to help others in similar situations. 

In Conclusion

Da’Naia Jaxn’s interview was deep and resonant. It was an eye-opening experience for all who were able to watch. But as with most matters, one often considers what this all means for them. Perhaps the greatest lesson here is that a story has multiple sides. And all sides need to be heard. 

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Written by Renae Richardson

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