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DJ Drama Reflects On Getting Arrested 15 Years Ago For Selling Illegal Mixtapes And Defeating RICO Charges



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DJ Drama and Don Cannon were arrested and acquitted of RICO charges in 2007. Image Source: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

Philadelphia native Tyree Simmons, known as DJ Drama, posted a tweet on Tuesday morning, July 12, reflecting on his victory in the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case in 2007.

“I REALLY got hit wit the R.I.C.O.  (and won),” he said.

DJ Drama and Don Cannon, co-founders of Generation Now, were arrested and raided at AMG Headquarters recording studio in downtown Atlanta on Jan. 16, 2007, for selling counterfeit mixtapes.

DJ Drama Is Informed That Something Bad Is About to Occur

During an interview with Shawn Cotton, creator of the YouTube channel Say Cheese!, Drama discusses how a friend whose family is associated with law enforcement called him and informed him that the authorities were heading to the recording studio to conduct a raid. At the time, there was little reaction from Drama.

“I’m thinking it’s a mixed up. I’m like all right good looking, thanks for the heads up,” he said. “But you know there’s a studio next door and I’m thinking something’s going on over there. They’re not coming over here.”

Eventually, Drama returned to the office to tell one of the employees, Jason Brown, about the phone call he received. Brown immediately grabbed all the computer discs and hurried out of the building. While Drama stepped outside the building to move his car out of the parking lot, law enforcement abruptly surrounded him.

“I see black tahoes from every corner just pulling up onto the pavement and they just jump right out,” Drama said. “Like whole outfits on M16s drawn pointing right at me.”


Moreover, police informed Drama and Cannon they were being arrested for bootlegging and racketeering under RICO laws. They raided the building and asked the employees where the drugs and guns were located, but neither were found. However, Billboard reports that the police seized 81,000 mixtape CDs, studio equipment, hard drives, Drama’s bank accounts were frozen, and much more.

DJ Drama and Don Cannon Face Betrayal

Furthermore, neither Don nor Drama spent more than one night in jail. The following day, they were able to post bail of $100,000 each.

It was shocking for Drama to learn that the RIAA was involved in their arrest. Since this organization has a long-standing association with Drama and has made millions of dollars from his Gangsta Grillz creation, this felt like a breach of trust.

“Here these people are supplying me with music and you know these labels are paying me to do this thing,” Drama said in an interview with 247HH. “Then you know they come and raid me for the same reason they thanked me on the other end.”

There are many artists whose careers have been launched by DJ Drama. Sadly, he and Cannon were stabbed in the back by an organization that seemed to be trustworthy. This, however, allows you to determine who is genuinely interested in your well-being.

Written by Nikiya Biggs

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