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Donald Glover Congratulates Quinta Brunson On Abbott Elementary Achievement: “I Was So Jealous”



Donald Glover
Image Source: Charley Gallay/Getty Images /Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Donald Glover has told ABC’s hit show “Abbott Elementary” creator Quinta Brunson that he is a fan.

Glover expressed his admiration for Brunson during a recent episode of The Shop podcast. In this episode, he talks about how envious he is of her creativity because “Abbott Elementary” is superb.

“When I watched that show, I was like so jealous,” Glover told Brunson, adding, “…in a good way — that’s how I knew it was good.”

Glover continues…

“Sometimes I watch something that’s like ‘good,’ but I’m like ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t have done that.'”

“Watching [“Abbott Elementary”], I was so jealous cause I was like ‘This is a good show,'” Glover continued explaining. “And it’s hard to do that on network television. That’s hard to do — doing it on a big stage like that and not pulling punches and understanding yourself enough to get it through, that’s really hard,” he added.

Quinta Brunson Shows Humility After Donald Glover Compliments Her

In response to Glover’s compliments, Brunson showed a great deal of humility. Her success is based on the critically acclaimed FX show “Atlanta” and Issa Rae’s hugely popular HBO show “Insecure.”

“It is hard. But then what helps make it possible is what you’ve done with “Atlanta,” what Issa’s done with “Insecure,” what even the smaller shows like “Flatbush Misdemeanors,” Brunson noted. ‘Those things all equate to finally all the puzzle pieces coming together.” 


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Star From “Moesha” Sitcom In Abbott Elementary

Last year, the star of “Abbott Elementary” and veteran actress Sheryl Lee Ralph spoke exclusively with “Madamenoire” about Brunson. The actor described Bruson as “amazing” and a “wonderful” young artist. Brunson “appears to come from the same generation of young Black people who watched “Moesha” growing up.”

Those familiar with the television series “Moesha” will recall that Ralph played the character of Deidra “Dee” Mitchell. Moesha’s stepmother and a teacher became a vice principal in the 90s UPN sitcom. Ralph portrays Barbra Howard’s teacher as a new character on “Abbott Elementary,” Ralph portrays Barbra Howard’s teacher. She describes her character as “the teacher you’ll never forget from when you were in school” in an interview with MN.

“It’s just such a great role and a great cast — I’m so, so, excited to be a part of it,” Ralph expressed. “It’s starting off to be just a great symbiotic relationship, and I’m very happy to work with Quinta.”


“Abbott Elementary” has displayed consistent performance since its premiere last December. ABC’s first comedy premiere to achieve quadruple ratings since its original broadcast, Deadline reports. Brunson, Ralph, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, Chris Perfetti, and Lisa Ann Walter are stars.

Written by: Nikiya Biggs

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