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Kanye’s Donda Basketball Team Kicked Out of Morehouse Basketball Tournament




Ye formally known as Kanye West, has gotten his Donda Academy Basketball Team kicked out of Morehouse College basketball tournament this coming weekend. The college cancelled the event all together amidst the recent controversy surrounding Ye’s remarks in an interview.

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Morehouse Decision

Morehouse college’s decision was fueled by Ye‘s remarks toward the Jewish community which demonstrated antisemitism. The college is mainly concerned with the image Ye’s reputation portray in any way shape or form. The players had no impact on the decision itself, but the problem at hand is their affiliation to a certain likeness or behavior thereof. A lot of people including that are a part of the Morehouse community are calling out the school’s decision. This is due to the school depriving the players opportunities to showcase their talent without regard for that purpose. Such comments by people reads:

“Ya should feel sorry about ya selves. Bending over to the evils. God don’t like ugly.”

“I am saddened that you took this stance. Those young Black men did nothing wrong. This poses a bigger question, who do you answer to?”

“U guys are disgusting! How u penalize the kids? That makes y’all worse than him … smh”

The comments and famous people who have also commented expressed their dislike of the decision. They agree that Ye’s comments were insensitive and unproductive, but they do not agree with the children’s talents being kept from display.

Aftermath of Ye’s Comments

Ye’s ties with another basketball tournament, Adidas, TJ Maxx, and a few other entities have parted ways from him. His comments outside of antisemitism talked about siding with a Republican view and the questioning of George Floyds death. These comments via interview put a lot of pressure on companies and people to cancel him. They don’t want to compromise their brand’s image and message to the public. Ye since then has doubled down on his comments and accepted his fate financially.


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Written by: Zacchaeus Heyward

Twitter: Prophetzacc22

Snapchat: Prophetzacc22



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