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Drake Back to Recording ‘Certified Loverboy,’ Rapper Hints in Instagram Post



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Drake announced recording of his upcoming studio album Certified Lover Boy, it seems, a long time ago. The Billboard Artist of the Decade has teased fans with plenty of release dates. He originally announced the project in October of last year with a supposed January 2021 release date. Since then, he’s said it would be out by the end of summer and even stated that it was in the mixing stage.

Now, it seems that Drake has gone back to recording. Early this morning, he posted an Instagram story picturing himself in front of a microphone. Assuming that he’s recording for the album and not another project or feature, his previous summer promises seem increasingly unlikely. August is already about to be half-over.

Does it have to do with Kanye?

Of course, one of the most talked-about stories in hip-hop recently has been Kanye West and his upcoming album Donda. After countless streams and events leading up to its release, it, much like Certified Lover Boy, is nowhere to be found.

Fans have been speculating that Kanye might be gearing up an attempt to drop on the same day as Drake. The two have had a somewhat public feud over the past couple years, and their associates have even been going at it recently. Kanye is no stranger to release date battles, as he had a very public competition with 50 Cent over the releases of Graduation and Curtis. In terms of sales, Kanye won the duel in a landslide.

So, could we see the release of  Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Donda in the same day? Are these rivals the reason their albums are taking so long to complete? Whatever the case may be, it would be a treat of hip-hop fans of all types to see two of the biggest stars in the history of the genre go head-to-head with their album releases.

Written by Andrew “Jetlag” Preisig | IG @ThankYouJetlag | Twitter @ThankYouJetlag

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