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“Honestly, Nevermind” by Drake: The Review



Drake's New Album Honestly, Nevermind The Review
Drake among fans. Image source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

Drake gives us the 7th album. A fellow FMHipHop writer, Freddie Saladin, also reported that the news came through an Instagram post. Drake informed followers hours before the album dropped. “Honestly, Nevermind” is album seven for Drake.

The “Honestly, Nevermind” Review

Drake decided to create an album in dedication to Virgil Abloh. Drake and Virgil were friends before Virgil passed away.

Each track is inspired by the DJ skills of Virgil. He loved to play EDM and House songs during his sets. Drake knew this, and “Honestly, Nevermind” is also full of Dance Hall and House beats.

Songs To Put On Repeat

“Flight’s Booked” (Track 9)

The song has a dance hall feel to it. It’s hard to resist fist-pumping as the track plays. The song is up-tempo, which goes against the lyrics. Drake sings sad bars over the fast-tempo song.

The song is about a couple going through a disconnection in their relationship. It feels like the relationship is long-distance, and they must book flights to reconnect. Neither person wants to end the relationship despite the distance between them.

“Liability” (Track 13)

The best song on “Honestly, Nevermind” then slows things down. The track mixes Hip-Hop and R&B together. It also has a deep south vibe to it. Drake adds to this vibe by using a voice modification that makes his voice sound deep.

The song focuses on a failing relationship. Drake puts the fault on the woman. He believes that it will be because of her that the connection fails.

“You’re too busy dancing in the clubs to our songs/ Turned up on my phone, changing your whole tone/ Playing with my emotions, playing with my emotions” -Drake (Liability)

“Jimmy Cooks” (ft. 21 Savage)

Drake teams up with 21 Savage to create a club banger. This is not the first time the two of them team-up. This song is another one for the streets.

The drum kit goes crazy on the track. As the beat goes crazy, 21 and Drake then talk trash. Pumping up their chest is something fans are used to.

Kiss The Ring Ranking: “Honestly, Nevermind”

“Honestly, Nevermind” uses beats that are different than what fans are used to getting from Drake. Even though the instrumentals might be unique to him, the topics on the album are very Drake.

Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind album cover

“Honestly, Nevermind” album cover. Image source: Drake.

It might not be the best of Drake, but the album is still unique and thrilling. Drake wanted to create something to remember Virgil Abloh, and that’s what he did. Overall, “Honestly, Nevermind” gets an FMHipHop rating of Silver.

Xavier “Writer X” Griffin | Facebook: @WriterX93 |Twitter: @WRITER_X_713| Instagram: xaviegriffin81

Xavier Griffin is a twenty-nine year old with a talent for using his words to connect with his audience. He has been crafting his writing skills since he was sixteen. On any given day, you can find Xavier writing poetry, short stories, screenplays or news articles. Doing what he loves, Xavier, is just getting settled in the writing world. His mark will be seen by the world.

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