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Eb&Flow Releases The Full Version To His Latest Single “Rap Grifters”



eb&flow's rap grifters, single
Eb&Flow's single "Rap Grifters" cover art. Image Source: Twitter/@ebknowsflows

Two verses of Eb&Flow’s “Rap Grifters” single have already been released. However, the full version is now available! The Cincinnati rapper released his latest single on November 1.

With the release of his latest single, Eb&Flow has already generated some controversy, claiming that the song is a response to “right-wing grifters appropriating hip-hop.” Produced by Eb&Flow, the track was mixed and mastered by Cincinnati cultural icon Devin Burgess.

Those who have not heard the single should prepare themselves for an incredible performance. The controversy surrounding the song has involved several names, including Tom MacDonald, Kanye West, Royce Da 5’9″, MadChild, and others.

Eb’s View On Tom MacDonald’s Lack Of Honesty

Recently, Eb&Flow alleged in a recent interview with HoodCriticMagazine that MadChild, a Canadian rapper, had ghostwritten the latest track by Tom MacDonald.

eb&flow's rap grifters

Eb&Flow. Credit: Discover Media Digital

Some individuals are highly detail-oriented. Observers will likely detect dishonesty if they uncover the individual’s claims are not credible after conducting a thorough investigation.

During his interview, Eb&Flow made numerous claims regarding rappers, including Ye and Tom MacDonald.

According to the “Ladies & Gentleman,” rapper Tom MacDonald does not write his music. Adding insult to injury, Eb&Flow challenged MacDonald to swear to his fans that MadChild did not write his most recent song.

MadChild is an underground rap artist who has collaborated with MacDonald on multiple occasions. Both artists are native Canadians, though MacDonald has gained prominence rapping about American politics.

Rappers’ Anti-Rap Agenda Is Exposed In EB&Flow’s “Rap Grifters”

According to Eb&Flow’s “Rap Grifters,” the connection between Lil Pump, Lil Wayne, and Cube, who are working to revitalize the extremist and former president Donald Trump, runs directly to the white boy clique. It appears that this reference pertains to the storming of the capitol by supporters of Trump to regain order and remove rap music.

In this song, Eb&Flow draws an analogy between what he considers to be right-wing propaganda in Hip Hop culture and the tactics of the far right-wing Republican Party. He raps the following about troubled Hip-Hop superstar West:

“Crying on Tv about abortion/ while running in the hopes that Trump wins/ Roe vs Wade still overturned on the front-end/ thats a win for him and Miss Owens.”

Using an urgent tone accompanied by a dark instrumental with beautifully placed guitars and pianos, Eb urges the listener to stay alert against a new breed of politically motivated Hip Hop imitators known as “Rap Grifters.”

The Single Was Inspired By What Concept?

One of the points Flow discusses in the interview is how the concept for this single came about. The title and idea were conceived by him almost two years ago. He started noticing patterns in right-wing ideology in rap culture and in the Alt-Right’s winks and dog whistles. As hip-hop culture lacks knowledge of politics and history, he realized right-wing propaganda thrives there.

Based on this knowledge, Eb&Flow started talking about dudes like Tom MacDonald, among others.

Tom is “a rapper who’s become very popular over the past couple of years,” he said. “Basically repeating the same talking points as every Fox News and right-wing pundit.”

Further, MacDonald contributes to the network of right-wing falsehoods and extremism facilitated by rap music.

Initially, the “Asimov.Wav” rapper was not interested in making a song about MacDonald’s stance as he did not want to draw attention to him. However, his thinking has changed, and MacDonald has become twice as large, if not more.

“I feel that a character like this might not go away completely, but by taking a firm stance,” Eb&Flow said in the interview. “I believe we can push people like him and their fans further away from claiming Hip-Hop in any sense. That’s basically my goal.”

Eb&Flow’s “Rap Grifters” Mention Kanye West’s Conservative Views

Regarding Kanye West, Flow decided to dedicate the second verse to him. Flow believed that the right-wing argument West employed was convincing enough to indicate that this was who he was. The thought of mentioning West, one of Eb&Flow’s inspirations, in the same breath as a person such as Tom MacDonald seemed strange to him. “That was 2 months ago. Since then, Ye has done nothing, if not, prove me correct,” Flow asserted.

Moreover, Eb explains that he finds it challenging to take on these messages since they are highly emotional and complex, and these celebrities have far more fans than he does. Nonetheless, if he can start the process in the right direction, it is worth the effort, if nothing else.

One does not have to have a large following to deliver a message. In the end, it is more important that some individuals receive the message than none.

“Rap Grifters” is available on all streaming platforms.

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For more information on Eb&Flow, follow his social media and contact him via email at

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter: @BiggsNikiya | Instagram: @competent_journalist

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