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Fenty By Rihanna May Be Taken To Another Level, The Artist Trademarks ‘Fenty Hair’ To Soon Sell Wigs And Hair Products!



Rihanna x Fenty Hair

Rihanna may have recently given birth to a baby boy, but that won’t stop the artist and beauty module from continuing her business adventures. According to All Hip Hop, Rihanna filed for a new trademark with a mission to sell wigs and other hair products, called Fenty Hair.

Fenty brand expanding into hair products!

Although it’s been a while since Rihanna has put out any music, the “Sex With Me” artist continues her success by expanding her beauty line with Fenty Hair, as she feels fans would love to strut wigs made by her. The United States Patent and Trademark Office worked with her company, Roraj Trade, LLC, in filing legal documents geared toward hair care. On March 3, the singer produced two Fenty Hair categories with a variety of hair care products. Included in the categories were not only hairbrushes and combs, but also hair accessories, and several styling implements. The trademark also designed wigs, hair extensions, other false hair, and toupees.  The two categories continue to expand surrounding anything from styling, straightening, relaxing, and waving products to even hair color and glitter.

Rihanna x Fenty Hair

Rihanna’s Fenty Hair trademark expansion.

Rihanna taking over hair care industry!

Rihanna may be taking over the hair care industry as trademark applications would agree. Over the years, the superstar has gained an extremely loyal fanbase worldwide in which her global empire includes Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage x Fenty and now introducing Fenty Hair.

In other news, Rihanna took a trip to Paris this weekend to support her man, A$AP Rocky while he is on his European tour. While strutting around the city before A$AP’s Lollapalooza concert, the Fenty Owner and new mom has never looked better for someone after giving birth. She appeared to be very stylish as always rocking an Adidas x Balenciaga navy, green, and white ensemble with pantaleggings to cover her heels. Rihanna has always been a trendsetter, especially during her pregnancy but for this occasion, she accessorized the sporty look with layers of necklaces and chains, and to top off the look with some signature glam.


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