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Barbados Will Raise Rihanna And A$AP Rocky’s Son



Rihanna and A$AP Rocky / Credit: Diggzy/Shutterstock

The singing sensation, Rihanna, and rapper, A$AP Rocky, have plans to raise their son in Barbados. The Mirror reported that the first-time parents will move to Barbados while the child is still an infant.

rihanna asap baby boy

Rihanna snuggles her baby boy.

Moving to Barbados


“Both her (Rihanna) and ASAP’s family are in Barbados, so the couple are planning to move there in a few months’ time” – A source tells The Mirror

A$AP and Rihanna’s decision must have been influenced by this. Growing up around family in such a beautiful place is priceless.

The plan is to live in Los Angeles for three months before moving from their current residence. Rihanna grew up in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, and now will raise her child there.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna in music video

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna in the D.M.B. music video. Credit: Twitter

Growing Up In Barbados


“She wants to give her baby the same experience she had – away from the world of show business” – A source tells The Mirror

Growing up in Barbados’ capital influenced Rihanna so much that she wants to give her child the same influential upbringing. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna’s child will grow up away from show business, but his upbringing will be vastly different from theirs. Both Rihanna and Rocky know what it is like to grow up poor and this will not be the experience for their little one.

Rihanna And A$AP Are Parents

TMZ reported that the child, whose name is not public knowledge, was born on May 13.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna prepare for child

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna prepare for child
Credit: Diggzy/Shutterstock

The public didn’t experience the entirety of Rihanna’s pregnancy. Rihanna announced to everyone back in January that they were having a child. The couple made up for it by showing us how expecting parents should present themselves.

Their baby marinated in epic fashion moments and will be expected to live up to his parents’ trendsetting. Still being a baby, he has time to fill their shoes in the fashion world. For now, he can enjoy growing up in Barbados with both of his parents.


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