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FM Spotlight: Mahoney And Her Music Have A Bright Future



R&B singer and songwriter Mahoney. Image source: Instagram/@jarrellelee

Mahoney is a twenty-four year old singer and songwriter from the Bay Area, California. Several vocal lessons and performances were conducted by her at the age of three in order to develop her vocal skills. The members of her family recognized her unique voice and special talent, and encouraged her to pursue her career as an artist. After becoming inspired by her life experiences, Mahoney began writing.

This is amazing! The support of your family is invaluable when it comes to achieving your dreams. Encouragement of this nature will motivate an individual to achieve his or her goals and make him or her more dedicated to achieving them.

Mahoney Captivates Fans With “On Your Way” And Beyond

After the release of her debut single “On Your Way” in 2020, she gained notoriety among music enthusiasts worldwide. In her continued pursuit of making music, she was evident of her passion and dedication through her music and performances.

Often, you can see an artist’s passion for their craft through their music and videos, or during their performances when they are in concert. Her music is inspired by love and life, and this inspiration plays a pivotal role in its emotional depth, creating a connection that transcends lyrics and notes.

Listen to “On Your Way” here.

A Cool Breeze In Modern Music

The future is bright for Mahoney. She plans to create more music and entertain audiences with her distinctive blend of R&B and modern neo-soul. There is a need for more of this genre in today’s society. Almost like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, it is refreshing, calming, and something everyone craves. We need it now more than ever to bring us together, and Mahoney is leading the charge.

The track “On Your Way” featuring Mozzy is a vibe that has been gaining a lot of popularity at SXSW this year. Additionally, she released a new song titled “Options,” which draws heavy influence from the West Coast!

For more information on Mahoney, follow her social media channels below!

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | LinkedIn | Muck Rack

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