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#FMTrends: And Now..Beloved by Dave East and Styles P [Links]



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And Now..Beloved by Dave East and Styles P

The following is a track-by-track review of the new collaborative album, “Beloved” by Dave East and Styles P. (released Friday, October 5th) Enjoy:

  1. Beloved: (feat Dyce Payne): Styles P and Dave East trade verses of each of their street experiences from their sides of the streets, while playing on the moniker “David” meaning the title track. “The meaning of the name David means beloved or friend” plays out through the whole blazed track! Sets the whole mood for the album!
  2. It’s Lit: This track is one of my favorites.  Its definitely embodies the name of the track. One of my favorite bars was from Dave East; “..its f****ed up but Donald Trump is the new Adolf“.  Politics and straight New York gritty, plus the sound of money machines and gunshots give the drama to the track. One word: Lit!
  3. For All My N****s: Scram Jones displays why he is one of the best-underrated producers in this game. This whole track will have your head bopping throughout the whole song.  Not to mention the switch back bars that each “David” exchange just brings more to the beat.  Insert police sirens here.
  4. Shout Out My Hood: This sounds like a hood version of HalloweenMike Myers type of feel.  Don’t come outside, better stay in the Times Square tourist side when you come to New York type of track. Another favorite track.
  5. Don’t Cross Me (feat. Jazzy): Nice track.  The keys and engineering, as well as production, is amazing.  The vocals definitely make the track and bring the sexy to the gritty.
  6. Exotic S**t:  Another favorite track of mine.  Sound like a lot of emphasis on ghetto with an exotic taste in the concrete jungle. Sound like a traditional Dave East track.
  7. Do You Know What Time It Is:  Love the clock sounds.  The funk guitar rifts and samples keep the track running.  Then those drums and snares come in.  Funky rhythm with a message. Reminds me of a soundtrack for a 70s exploitation movie like Shaft, or Foxy Brown Pam Grier vibe.
  8. Cut From A Different Cloth:  The position of this track was clever.  Like an intermission for the album getting you ready for the next part of the show. Describes the feel for the rest of the album.
  9. Rare Breed: Produced by Styles P’s son Noah Styles.  Great production and you can tell he went hard in the paint for his father because the drums and snares were right, and had that traditional “Are You Afraid Of Ghosts” mixtape (2006) vibe.  Add the mixed samples of previous Dave East and Styles P songs, and its a wrap. “You know I stay wavy like water-Styles P.  Yes, as well as this track.
  10. We Got Everything: The track that should’ve been Track 2. This tells a story about their blocks from their point of view and how the block is the hood internet, whether it be what you need, or want to hear the latest anything. As a Jamaica, Queens native, I can relate.
  11. In The Jungle (feat. Tish Hyman): I am glad that Styles P used his mixtape producer “Poobz” on this track.  I was always a fan when Styles and Poobz get together on a track. Dave East verses sound great on it as well, something I was not used to but loved the experiment.  Tish Hyman‘s hook was melodic and wonderful.
  12. Thots and Models:  Do I really need to explain this track.  I think the title sums it up. Boy meets girl.  Boy analyzes girl based on her personality. Girl’s personality and demeanor depends on whether to wine and dine her, or “strap the packs on her“. Thug romance type of vibes.
  13. Load My Gun (The L.O.X.): Now when did you ever hear an album that Styles P did or was part of without his L.O.X. brothers.  Hard track, harder than the crack rocks that fell out of a fiend’s hand to the concrete next to a pair of “constructs” (construction 1-layer bottom Timberland boots) on a dark night in the middle of Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. Sheek bodied this track. I know that was random. But he always underrated by fans and he bodied his verse and the hook.  Only people missing is J-Hood and Nino Man.  However Dave East was an added bonus.

All and all I could not take my headphones off.  Matter of fact, I still have them on, with this album on repeat.  Grab a pair of Timbs and a Yankee fitted. This that inspirational “Hit The Block, Ten Toes Down” music. Links below. Thank me later:

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