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#FMTrends: Juvenile And Birdman Squash Beef And Release Joint Album [Links]



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Juvenile And Birdman Squash Beef And Release Joint Album

Salutations FM Trendsetters!  The internet and social media are buzzing harder than a bee hive when you hit it with a bat.  Word on the “skreets” is that Cash Money could be on the way to a possible reunion.  It seems that since the past year or so, members of the New Orleans collective have settled their differences and collaborating with each other under the radar.  Now the secret is out! Turk is out of prison, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh confirmed a joint album will be released, and Juvenile and Birdman (b.k.a. Stunna) released a new joint album, “Just Another Gangsta” as of this past weekend. The last time we heard Juve and Stunna on a track together was Juvenile‘s 2004 single “Bounce Back” off his third studio album “Juve The Great“.  Now the two former powerhouses of Cash Money the label collaborated on some heat for the street, for the fans, and for the culture!  Here is a track by track review, by yours truly, of the new album “Just Another Gangsta“:

  1. Just Another Gangsta: I love it.  Reminds me of a Too Short track from Short Dog in the House, with the constant B-word in the background. Also the drums with a little bit of that Louisiana bounce.  Both Stunna and Juve rode the beat with excellence and, as a fan, the expected “whoadie” talk was in full effect! What we been waiting for!
  2. Broke: Typical Cash Money track, definitely for the culture.  I love how Juve and Birdman switch off on verses! Birdman was actually his alter ego Baby on this track.
  3. Back ThenBirdman‘s flow was my favorite on this track.  This track will definitely make you put “respeck” on his name.
  4. Filthy Money:  Classic Birdman flow from the early 2000s. But then here comes Juve with the fast flow.  your head will constantly move with the track during the whole time listening.  Something you definitely bump in the whip or here in a motion picture.
  5. Breeze: A more smooth track, compared to the beginning of the album. Birdman talking about Rich Gang, making money, and lecturing through the track, not rhyming at all, just talking.  Still a decent track though.
  6. From Tha Block: A like how the track starts already with rhyming to a funky track that makes you think about blaxploitation films like Shaft.
  7. Newly Exposed: I swear if I hear another “Rich Gang” tag.  However, the piano and keyboard cords make the song hot.  Juve riding the beat in vintage Hot Boy fashion.  Stunna bringing Baby not Birdman out.  Very reminiscent of Cash Money 2000 joints.
  8. Tonight: “Because I’m all up in your head like a hair dryer.” One of the dopest lines from Juvenile on the track, not to mention the beautiful sample used in the track.
  9. From The Bottom: I just love piano rifts as everyone knows. In-house producer D-Rock produced 90% of the album and I see why.  The instruments he use in all the tracks are awesome and unique.  No track sounds alike.  His versatility is greatly displayed in his production. And the traditional Louisiana bounce in the track make it tailor-fit for the two “Nawlins” veterans.
  10. One Two: Sounds like an old school Cash Money joint from the late 90s. However, the rhymes sound up to date. One of my favorite tracks on the album. Got this definitely have this track on repeat.
  11. Today: I love this track, it reminds us that tomorrow is not promised, so live every moment and day like its the only day left.  “Shopping the mall today, doing it all today…“. Low key inspiring.
  12. Dreams (ft NLE Choppa):  This song was perfect for NLE Choppa‘s voice and Birdman.  Even though produced by D-Rock, it sounds like Mannie Fresh might have had his hand in some of the production.  Juve on the hook makes the song pop as well. I could do without all the “D-Rock, D-Rock, D-Rock” tags in the beat.  I think by this time , especially since its the end of the track, we already know who produced it.

Overall it was just as expected.  Another Cash Money album under the belt for the label.  Love the classic approach they did with the album.  everything was authentic and not watered down.  A great album to ride to.  Check the links below and see for yourself:





Bruce Jackson Jr. |IG: @gameheavybrick  |Twitter: @gameheavybrick

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