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Funkmaster Flex Challenges Wu-Tang Members to Make New Music



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Hot 97 host Funkmaster Flex decided to call out yet another slew of hip hop artists who aren’t producing work. Over the past few months, Flex has called out several well-known rappers for not putting up in the rap game.  Funkmaster Flex is no stranger to beef or controversy. However, his recent exchanges stem more from frustration than actual malice. One of his first targets was Juelz Santanna. Santana who spent 19 months in prison serving out a weapons possession sentence. Upon his release,, music took a backseat as he pursued other ventures. Flex anxious for new songs called out the Dipset member. Flex utilized his platform to call out the rapper’s lack of output, “…we want a new Juelz Santana song…I will give you six days. Do you accept the challenge, yes or no?”  Santana then took to Instagram,, showing him working on a song with Benny the Butcher.

After the success of this callout,, other rappers who’ve been quiet recently felt Flex’s sting. Among the challenged rappers were heavy-hitting names like Busta Rhymes and Fabolous. These rappers likewise posted to their social media outlets letting fans know they heard Flex’s callout. However, these rappers pale in comparison to the latest emcees Flex set his crosshairs onto.

Funkmaster Flex’s Newest Challenge

After the apparent successes, Funkmaster Flex kicked it up a few notches by calling out Wu-Tang members Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. Flex held nothing back, “I challenge Raekwon and Ghostface to get me a joint…They gotta be on the…song…no features.”  Many quickly became excited at the mere potential of a new collaboration between the two. Even other artists called out as Busta Rhymes commented on his hopes for new music. While on the surface, this is no different than what Flex found himself doing before this callout’s impact easily eclipsed the others in raw excitement.

Why This One is Different

This is for obvious reasons. Few duos are more respected in hip-hop than Raekwon and Ghostface. The two found both creative and commercial success as members of the Wu-Tang Clan, on solo albums, guest features, and as a duo. Perhaps the only teams more revered than themselves are fellow Wu-Tang alum Method Man and Redman or Outkast. Despite their prolonged success and myriad classic projects, both have been silent recently. Raekwon last dropped an album five years ago, while Ghostface Killah focuses mainly on featured verses as of late. In comparison, his last solo album was three years ago.

In response to Flex, Raekwon posted a throwback picture of himself and Ghostface. While this is not confirmation of an official song, it was certainly enough to get fans excited. It is no wonder why. When two of the most respected members from one of the most influential groups are tasked with making new music, it is hard to be anything but ecstatic.

Is this a new wave?

A typical headline in recent months is one in which a legacy rapper calls out the new generation for lacking in some way. By no means are these complaints entirely false. Often the legacy emcees make a profound point on the changing landscape of the hip-hop scene. However, it becomes tiresome to see a legacy rapper call out the new wave without having a project of their own released or in the works. Is it hypocritical to call for better music and not make any of it yourself?

Written by Ryan Fields

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