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Hit Play On I Born’s Latest Single “None of Your Bizness”



I Born Unleashes "None of Your Bizness"
The cover art for I Born's latest single "None of Your Bizness." Image source: Spotify.

Wrapping up 2023 with his fresh track “None of Your Bizness,” I Born of Mount Vernon is serving up some real hip-hop bops! Heatmakerz on the beat adds that soulful touch, letting all three emcees spill their life stories with profound lyrics. With lines like “I am to Mount Vernon what The Lox is to Yonkers,” this rapper not only tips his hat to legends but also asserts his own importance. Let’s always give props to the emcees—acknowledge their grind because they laid the groundwork for today’s artists. Their legacy should never fade, and we should always recognize the path they paved for us.

This song offers real, unfiltered truths. It’s about keeping your emotions in check, or you’ll end up in places you shouldn’t be. True statement! Every verse drops some serious wisdom for anyone tuning in.

I Born revealed that “None of your Bizness” went down all naturally. He was chilling in Heatmakerz’s studio, belting out the track with his vocals on point. Out of the blue, he hit up rapper The Street Deacon Wise, asking if he’s got a killer verse, and it turns out he did. “Next thing you know, Saigon walks in the studio and hears our verses and comes up with the hook on the spot, and the rest is history,” said I Born.


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The Influence Of Hip-Hop Icons

Growing up right near the Bronx, it was bound to happen – the hip-hop vibe got under I Born’s skin and shaped who he is today. “My style was influenced by the guys I saw growing up. The money getters the fly guys even today when I write a rhyme, I throw in a line about what I’m wearing, which has also been my approach to this rap game,” said I Born.

Artists get inspired by other artists. In a nutshell, those who feel that influence are carrying on the legends’ legacy. LL Cool J impacted I Born with how he owns the stage. The Mount Vernon rapper swears by LL’s performance style, saying he “Performs like no other. Not to mention any rapper that thinks he’s gonna step to L he crushes them.”

In addition, I Born says their rap origins are kinda alike. LL wanted a motorcycle, and his grandparents bought him DJ equipment instead. Interestingly, a similar situation happened with I Born and his parents. “Now Wu-Tang’s influence was because they came from the 5% nation as did I, so when I heard them incorporate mathematics into their rhymes, it was like a match made in musical heaven for me,” he explained.

It is one thing to admire an artist’s work, but we all have aspirations in life. To realize his dreams, I Born hopes to collaborate with three notable hip-hop artists: LL Cool J, Nas, and J. Cole. If all 4 of them were on a track together, that would surely be a masterpiece. Similarly, I Born and The Street Deacon Wise’s voice and rap style resemble Nas’s. If they were to perform together in a song, I would not be able to distinguish between their voices. However, it would still be fire!

I Born Turned Trials Into Triumphs In The Music World

Most teenagers do not have a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives, which is understandable. I felt the same way. However, at the age of 17, I Born began his musical career. Very impressive! But, because we all live imperfect lives, he has encountered some hardships along the way. “Yes, I agree knowing what you want to do with your life at an early age is a great thing, but unfortunately, my life took a drastic turn due to incarceration,” said I Born.

At least from the outside, it appeared that his music career had been put on hold; however, on the inside, it flourished. Especially given the rapper’s strong family support network. “Their support means everything to me,” I Born said. Excitingly, he spent time with 2 of the greatest rappers to ever do it: DMX and Black Rob. As a result, they became I Born’s mentors, leading him to believe that he took those lemons and turned them into lemonade. “Looking back now, I know that specific trial in my life was guided by Allah God because it actually made me the man I am today,” he said.


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About I Born

Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York, I Born is a self-made rapper and entrepreneur. He kicked off his journey at 17, drawing inspiration from rap heavyweights LL Cool J and Wu-Tang. His debut project, “The Listening Movie,” featuring the single “Swarm 2000,” marked the beginning of his relentless grind.


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The dynamic artist thrives on the unconditional support of his family. He uses their strength as a driving force to create music that inspires everyone to recognize their own potential. Looking ahead, I Born is set on teaming up with Heatmakerz, expanding his brand, and collaborating with icons in the hip-hop scene.

Check out his new single, “None Of Your Bizness,” now on all platforms. Follow the rapper on social media @Beloved_iborn for more information!

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