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Raising The Bar: Nas And Tobe Nwigwe Unleash TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE BEASTS Music Video – “On My Soul”



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Nas has cranked up the excitement to a whole new level by teaming up with Tobe Nwigwe and Jacob Banks for their fresh and lively jam called “On My Soul.”

On the splendid day of May 18, this electrifying track was unleashed via the remarkable Mass Appeal Records, a label co-founded by Nas himself in 2014. And on June 1, Houston rapper Tobe Nwigwe and Nas dropped the music video for “On My Soul,’ featured in the epic TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE BEASTS film.

Right from the get-go of this soulful masterpiece, Tobe Nwigwe bursts onto the scene with his signature lightning-fast delivery, releasing a barrage of lyrical genius that will leave you mesmerized. Yet there is more to come!

Can You Keep Up? The Challenge Of Tobe Nwigwe’s Lightning-Fast Delivery

As soon as those soulful beats hit, Nwigwe storms in with his trademark rapid-fire delivery, spitting out bars so scorching you’ll reach for that rewind button, desperate to savor and unravel every word. It’s as if he’s a poetry machine gun, blasting out rhymes like bullets, leaving you in awe of his lyrical prowess. Can you keep up? Probably not, unless you’ve got a time machine!

‘On my soul, everybody in the clique strapped, and they all on go
Keep a
stick, just like branch, papi, but I ain’t a troll
On my mama, can’t nobody out here play me for no ho

Guard your grill, guard your grill
Ain’t nobody out here hard to kill
The gat I pack go, “Pap” and peel your cap from front to back.’

Nas’s Mechanical Flow

With a booming chorus belted out by Jacob Banks, Nas kicks it up a notch. He launches into a lightning-fast verse of his own. And he stays true to the script, spitting lyrics that will have you scrunching your face in utter disbelief. How does he manage to keep up that level of intensity? It’s like he’s on a mission to blow our minds with every line. Are you ready to be blown away by the incredible brilliance?

Nas. Credit: Hip Hop Scriptures

‘Don’t slander all the banter
Just one answer, I’m an animal
I’m just one man, outstandin’ though
Part wolf, part king, part hannibal
Example, proof, I’m built like I’m mechanical
On the mic, I’m a cannibal

You don’t know who I’m family to
You don’t know my team, you don’t know what my mans’ll do
Turn it up to the maximum, gorillas in the trap.’

I had to turn down the volume because this heat almost burned my house down! I guess that means the gorillas got too hot and had to escape the trap!

Watch the video below:

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Who Is Tobe Nwigwe?


Tobe Nwigwe. Credit: NPR

Tobe Nwigwe is a true enigma! His music tells the story of his challenging upbringing in Alief, TX, but it also takes you on a wild journey through the hood. You know, the place where gang violence, drug deals, pimps, and prostitution are all too familiar. But here’s the catch: Tobe’s music is filled with undeniable authenticity that hits you right in the feels. And despite all the hardships he’s faced, he remains a beacon of positivity and kindness.

How does he do it?

Well, Tobe’s songs not only describe shootouts and the heartbreaking loss of childhood friends. They also emphasize the power of faith and the significance of having a purpose in life. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, I’ve been through some tough stuff, but faith and purpose can help you overcome anything.”

Speaking of purpose, Tobe has a singular goal that drives him every day: to make purpose popular. This first-generation Nigerian kid from Alief had dreams of playing in the NFL, with a college football scholarship and all. But then, fate intervened and handed him a career-ending foot injury during his senior year. Ouch, right? It could have been the end of the road for many people, but not for Tobe. In the depths of his despair, he turned to his faith and discovered a new calling: to teach others how to “move with purpose.”

Changing Lives Beyond Music

Even before Tobe picked up a pen and called himself a rapper, he made an impact. He started a nonprofit foundation called TEAM GINI and began speaking to rooms full of students, enlightening them about the incredible benefits of living a purpose-driven life. Tobe changed lives even before he knew he had the power to move people with his music.

And wow, did he succeed!

Through constant consistency and flawless execution, Tobe has attracted fans from all corners of the globe. We’re talking about big names here, like Erykah Badu, Sway Calloway, and Dave Chappelle. How awesome is that?

The next time you listen to Tobe Nwigwe’s music, let it take you on a trip through the hood and remind you of the power of belief and purpose. And hey, if Tobe can overcome obstacles with grace and positivity, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

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