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The Journey Of Ian Kelly: From Passionate Musician To Landing Big Time Opportunities



Ian Kelly
Ian Kelly. Image source: Instagram/@firstnameian

A new artist is making his way to the forefront of the music industry. Ian Kelly is a rapper, actor, and songwriter from Oakland, California. His father and grandmother profoundly influenced him as a young man and imparted the concept of community to him. Observing them, Ian realized the importance of helping others and supporting his family during difficult times.

Hip-Hop Music Drives Him

The introduction of hip-hop to his life soon led Ian to realize that music could be a tool that would fulfill his goals. Combining his family’s values and the introduction of hip-hop to his life is like two sides of a coin. The former provided him with a deeper understanding of the importance of community, and the latter gave him an avenue to express it.

At the age of 18, Ian began to develop a passion for music. His cousin commonly shared underground mixtapes from rappers such as 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and local Bay area artists. As a result, his inspiration for writing his own rhymes came from this. Since then, Ian’s been committed to perfecting his craft and advancing his abilities. In 2013, the “Take My Time” rapper released his debut album, In The Mean Time. The unique sound of his music became a hit with fans, which began his journey.

A Great Deal Has Been Happening For Ian Kelly

Many people are unaware that Ian has written music for R&B singers. Among the artists he has worked with are Rapsody, Phesto (member of Souls of Mischief), Jane Handcock, and many others. During his freestyles on Sway In The Morning and Bars Session with Gray Rizzy, the rapper attracted the attention of hip-hop fans nationwide. Queen Latifah praised his work, and he was featured on the soundtrack of the 2015 movie Creed.

In addition, Ian’s music has been featured on the tracklist for Madden 22 and premiered fan favorite “Misunderstood” on BET.

Ian intends to continue releasing music in the near future. His upcoming joint project with Drew Banga is scheduled for release in March of this year. Acting is also a part of his plans, as he will appear on Keke Palmer’s new television network in the show “Big Girl Blues.”

The increasing popularity of rap music has led many rappers to explore the possibility of pursuing acting and other forms of media. Rappers such as Ice Cube and Queen Latifah have had successful careers in music and acting, encouraging other rappers to follow in their footsteps.

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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