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Jack Harlow’s “No Place Like Home” Virtual Concert Trailer Released



No Place Like Home Jack Harlow's Concert Trailer Drops
Jack Harlow. Image source: Jimmy Fontaine.

The eagerly awaited Jack Harlow Immersive “No Place Like Home VR Concert” is set to debut on Thursday, Jan. 4th. Fans can now catch a glimpse of what to expect from this thrilling experience in the recently released trailer.

Jack Harlow: From Humble Beginnings To The Meta Stage

Jack Harlow, the hip-hop sensation hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, embarked on his musical journey at the age of 12. As documented by Last FM back then, the aspiring artist utilized a Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop to record his rhymes and songs alongside a friend. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that he released his first commercial album. Although this marked the beginning for Harlow, he was bound for success. His arrival was not at all surprising. 

For those whose passion comes authentically, success is always bound to follow. And Harlow stands as proof. As All Music acknowledges, “his growing acclaim led to a record deal with Atlantic Records subsidiary Generation Now, which released his full-length project Loose in 2018.”

Since then, Jack Harlow has achieved immense success. “The Louisville, KY native boasts six GRAMMY Award nominations, two #1 singles, nearly 30 RIAA platinum certifications, and over 10 billion career streams to date (BECK Media).

However, pathways sometimes circle back. And Harlow’s journey brought him back to Kentucky for his third tour, “The No Place Like Home Tour.”

Jack Harlow’s “No Place Like Home” Concert On Meta

Jack Harlow "No Place Like Home"

Jack Harlow, “No Place Like Home” Image source: Meta.

FMHipHop announced the advent of the enthralling experience for fans of Jack Harlow a few weeks ago. For the first time, Harlow will make his debut in a VR concert, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the performance from the comfort of their homes. The concert is scheduled to premiere exclusively on Meta Horizon World at 5 pm PT time.

This offering stands out as Meta’s inaugural fusion of a virtual concert and documentary. Fans can anticipate not only a dynamic musical journey featuring some of Harlow’s notable tracks like “Lovin On Me,” “Denver,” and “First Class” but also some additional content. Presented by Range Media Productions in collaboration with Media Monks, this collaboration with Jack Harlow promises to be a must-see event.

Harlow’s “No Place Like Home” Concert Trailer

For those who are anxiously anticipating the event and for those who are just hearing the news, check out a taste of what is on the horizon.

Start the New Year With Music

Fans rarely have the opportunity to savor a full concert experience of their favorite artist right from the comfort of their home. The chance to do so for the first time is indeed a unique occasion. For those who have yet to indulge in such an experience, there’s no time like the present to explore new things. If you’re looking to kick off the New Year with a musical celebration, don’t miss out. If Jan. 4th doesn’t fit into your schedule, replays will be accessible starting Jan. 25th.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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