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Kanye Buys $57.3 Million Dollar Mansion To Be Closer To Home



It seems like every week Kanye West makes headlining news. This week we are back with a new headline and this time it’s strictly art. Kanye has bought a $57.3 million dollar mansion on the coast of Malibu, surprisingly just 30 minutes away from his baby mama Kim Kardashian. The home is 4,000 square feet and stretches from the road to nearly the water line of the ocean itself. Though looking from the outside, it may not appear so, as massive the home was designed as a military bunker.

The home was designed and built by Tadao Ando a Japanese architect from Osaka, Japan. Ando is has become famous for his ‘haiku effect in his designs giving the feeling of nothing or little work when indeed the project is complex and takes a lot of thought.  It required 1200 tons of poured concrete, with 200 tons of reinforced steel driven 60 feet into the ground just to keep it stable sitting off the sandy coast.

Mr. West has a downside to this beautiful and expensive home though. He is very close to busy streets and traffic. Also there is not much space between him and his neighbors,making it a bit difficult for some privacy. Paparazzi will certainly know when Kanye’s home.

Kanye West has always been into aesthetics. He tweeted back in 2018 that we would all be living in a James Turrel-style home or work mimics by James Turrel (per HNHH).

If you don’t know who Turrel is, he is an artist and architect combining the two into a living experience. Remaking modern art as a day-to-day lifestyle, so to speak. He created the structures for Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video he also designed the rings for Apple’s ring-shaped campus as well.

What’s your take on this new home Kanye has purchased? Did he move here to be closer to his family? Maybe rekindle his relationship with Kim? Let us know in the comments below.


Written By Christian McBride


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