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Kanye West Has Moved Into Mercedez-Benz Stadium to Finish Album



Kanye West has moved into Mercedez-Benz Stadium to finish album

Kanye West sets up shop in Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Fans flocked to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta last week for a sneak peek at Kanye West’s upcoming album, “DONDA.” However, reports suggest the superstar rapper has yet to leave the venue. According to TMZ, Kanye West has moved into the Atlanta Falcons stadium until he finishes the new album entitled “DONDA”.

Indeed, Kanye and his crew have built a studio, housing accommodations, and even recruited a chef to serve his meals at MBS. It is unknown at this time if Kanye is adding new tracks to the album or simply tweaking the existing ones. Since Kanye West has moved in, he was seen at an Atlanta United Soccer match a few days later. The Chicago rapper was even in identical attire and wore the same mask he wore to Thursday’s listening party.


Samples of Kanye’s new album have been circulating online from Thursdays listening party. In a now deleted Instagram post, a new preview of the track entitled “Pure Souls” featuring Roddy Rich was shown off. Notably, the track features newly revamped drums from the version that premiered at the Thursday party.

Kanye currently plans to release “DONDA” on August 6. It will be fascinating to see if living in the stadium inspires him in any way.

In other Yeezy related news, someone is attempting to sell air from Thursday’s listening party for more than $3,000 USD.

You can listen to the version of “Pure Souls” previewed at the party below!

Written by John Galietta

Instagram: @jgalietta17

Twitter: @jgalietta17

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