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Kash Juliano Releases “Drill Soul” EP



Kash Juliano Drops New EP "Drill Soul"
Drill Soul by Kash Juliano and Rich Nunu. Image source: Spotify.

Brooklyn rapper and vocalist Kash Juliano has just dropped his latest EP, “Drill Soul,” featuring eleven tracks that blend flowing tunes with impactful lyrics. This project showcases Kash and Rich Nunu fusing elements of drill with modern soul vibes, creating a captivating fusion. Their distinctive sound and songwriting prowess promise to take listeners on a fascinating sonic voyage.

Drill music often faces criticism, but Kash’s incorporation of soul into his work might challenge the perceptions of those who look down on the genre.

The EP kicks off with “Don’t Judge Me,” where Kash pours his emotions into each lyric, delivering lines like “Don’t you judge me by my losses, Lord guide me through these crosses” with heartfelt sincerity. Throughout the EP, Kash and Rich Nunu switch things up, featuring standout tracks like “Trippin” where he samples Ella Mai’s “Trip” and “Brand New” where he samples Luniz’s 1990s hit “I Got 5 On It“. This project is set to leave a lasting impact and appeal to fans across various musical tastes.

Kash Juliano’s signature style is marked by his gritty beats and raw lyrics, reflecting his upbringing in Brooklyn’s rugged neighborhoods. Influential figures like Jay-Z and Nas have inspired his music, evident in his exploration of themes like street life and ambition. It’s no surprise that artists from New York draw inspiration from the legendary Nas; his talent and influence are undeniable.

Kash Juliano’s Musical Spectrum Ranges From Rapping To Producing And Writing


Kash Juliano. Image source: Diandra Reviews It All

Beyond his role as a rapper, Kash Juliano demonstrates his versatility as a producer and songwriter. He not only crafts beats for his own tracks but also lends his talents to other artists. His songwriting is praised for its honesty and authenticity, resonating with listeners on a personal level.

The fact that there are still artists who extend a helping hand to those who are seeking a career in the music industry is a heartening sight. Occasionally, some individuals wish to keep the shine all to themselves, which can be interpreted as greed. Kash, however, does not fall under this category.

Every artist has a narrative to share, whether it is to connect with those who relate to similar experiences or to shed light on backgrounds unfamiliar to others.

Rich Nunu – From Gang Turmoil To Musical Resilience


Rich Nunu. Image source: Instagram, @richnunu_

Rich Nunu, a young rapper hailing from Brooklyn, had a turbulent past marked by involvement in local gang activities. This resulted in legal troubles including charges of murder conspiracy and weapon possession, leading to a brief prison stint. His association with the FNO gang, which later merged with rival gangs PPP and YAWAH to form YPF, drew the attention of law enforcement, prompting a crackdown on gun violence.

While incarcerated, Nunu turned to songwriting as a means of self-expression and possibly therapeutic outlet. Inmates often read and write during their time behind bars, aiding in self-reflection and personal growth. This approach is necessary for everyone.

Upon his release, Nunu, along with his friend Rich Glizzy, were cleared of charges, but the others remained involved in legal proceedings. Nunu’s music, featuring tracks like “Nobody Safe,” “Keep Dumpin,” and “Proud of Me,” portrays his experiences in gang culture and the criminal justice system. He advocates for his incarcerated friends’ freedom.

While his friends continue to fight for their freedom, Rich Nunu has risen from the experience. He uses his newfound platform to spread a message of perseverance and hope.

“Drill Soul” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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For more information, follow Kash Juliano on social media.

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | LinkedIn

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