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Radio Show Host Responds To Kehlani’s ‘Invasive’ Interview Claims



Kehlani Interview Claims Addressed By The Radio Host
Kehlani sits with her arms crossed after fielding “inappropriate” questions on The Morning Hustle Saturday. Image source: YouTube.

After a disastrous interview with R&B sensation Kehlani, a spokesperson for The Morning Hustle, fired back on social media, claiming the singer was less than graceful. The discussion started with one host saying, “They [Kehlani] are here, and they are she, and she is with us.” The camera panned to the singer, who immediately seemed uncomfortable.

It got worse when host Lore’l asked Kehlani a series of personal questions. Kehlani is friends with fellow R&B star SZA which prompted the host to ask Keh if they “scissored with SZA.” Lore’l also asked about Megan Thee Stallion. Kehlani explained they were all friends and left it at that. Keh intended to promote the latest album, “Blue Water Road,” during the interview, and the turn conversation took seemed inappropriate.

People on social media commented singer looked uncomfortable. After the interview, Kehlani posted on Instagram to explain what happened. The singer summed up the show as “cringy” and “invasive.” Lore’l, upset at the backlash, responded in a video clip. The host claimed Kehlani thought they were too good for shows like The Morning Hustle. This brought even more negative attention.

Kehlani’s Fans Come To The Rescue

Kehlani is an outspoken artist, so it’s no surprise their fans followed suit and came to their defense. When the “Distraction” singer said they’d be declining other interviews to promote their latest album, fans immediately understood. 

Despite Lore’l’s comments about the alleged low record sales, the album debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 13. It features songs with Syd, Jessie Reyez, and Thundercat. After the interview, the singer says they are no longer doing interviews. It’s apparent Keh is choosing peace and their own mental well-being over drama.

Written by Kimberly Stelly | Instagram | Twitter

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