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Lil Wayne Displeased With Green Bay Packers



Image: Green Bay Packers Twitter

Early November always excites American sports fans. The culmination of the World Series, coupled with the NBA and NHL going into full swing, makes it a fun time for many. However, eclipsing all of that is football. Fans watch as their favorite teams go into a make-or-break mentality. Often disappointment is the result. Even successful musicians find pain in an underperforming team. Lil Wayne experienced this feeling recently. Wayne, a noted sports fanatic, took to Twitter in order to vent frustrations regarding the current Green Bay Packers season. His frustrations aimed squarely ar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Wayne wasted no time letting the four time MVP and Super Bowl champion know his feeling about his latest performances. Lil Wayne tweeted, “RIP to the season we should’ve gotten rid of 12 [Rodger’s jersey number] before the season.” 

Packers Disappoint Wayne

This sentiment is one common among Green Bay fans as the historic team continues to struggle well into the season. Currently they sit at a fifth straight loss, made even worse by the fact that it came from perennial NFL also-ran team the Detroit Lions. Wayne’s love of the team is well documented, even finding its way into his music. As such his strong feelings should come as no shock. The feeling of loss presumably hit harder after another one of Lil Wayne’s football sqauds, the LSU Tigers, won a nailbiter upset victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. The rapper also took to Twitter to share his elation over the Tiger’s victory. 

Lil Wayne’s Long Love of Sports

To some Wayne’s sports affiliations may seem odd, but the rapper has long rallied behind teams of every sport. In the past Wayne cited the Boston Red Sox, Las Angeles Lakers, and of course the Green Bay Packers. Wayne’s intense love of sports is well known among many of his fans. The intensity of Wayne’s passion for sports plays a large role in his massive popularity. Few industries are bigger in America than high-level sports, either on the professional or collegiate level. As such Wayne’s passion for his teams is something many relate to. His celebrations upon their victory and his hatred of underperformance are not tempered by his celebrity. It reminds many of their own friends and relatives, making his actions and music both comforting and relatble to many. Conscious of it or not his sporting love is a large factor in his prolonged success.

Ryan Fields

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