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Logic Makes A Bullied Fan’s Day By Welcoming Him On Stage



Logic Bullied Fan Comes Up On Stage In NJ
Logic brings bullied fan from Dubai onto his stage. Image Source: Image Space/Rex ShutterStock.

The act of bullying is cruel. You never know what kind of psychological damage a person may suffer in the future. Maryland rapper Logic showed a great deal of kindness to a bullied fan during a recent show in New Jersey on Aug 17.

This moment, as well as previous ones, demonstrates Logic’s devotion to his fans.

“Earlier today in the show, there was a gentleman who was in the crowd, and he couldn’t see,” Logic told the crowd. “Muthaf*cka’s were all around him, f*cking with him. So we did our best to bring him on stage and give him the best f*cking view in the house.”

The Maryland Rapper Makes The Bullied Fan Feel At Ease

While the concert was in progress, some drunken audience members bullied a 19-year-old fan from Dubai who was in a wheelchair. Since Logic permitted him to come onto the stage, the fan felt safe throughout the remainder of the set. In response to the Maryland rapper’s question, the Dubai native pointed out where he had been sitting.

Furthermore, the bullies were met with a powerful and honest response from Logic.

“Hey, f*ck y’all over there who was f*cking with him,” Logic said regarding the bullied fan. “So this is what we gonna do right now. You’re gonna kick it up here for the last song, and after this song plays, you get every single piece of merchandise for free tonight, and we gon turn the motherf*ck up.”

Before closing the set, the “Homicide” rapper performed his 2018 track “Everyday.”

Flashback To Another Fan Brought On Stage

A notable characteristic of Logic’s relationship with his fans is that the connection extends far beyond what many rappers at his level have with theirs. In July 2017, a special event for Logic’s Everybody’s Tour was held at the Great Saltair in Salt Lake City.

Toward the end of his set, he decided to perform the song “Gang Related” from his first 2014 studio album, Under Pressure. After noticing something special about an audience member’s rap skills, he stopped the song mid-verse.

Around the 2:25 mark, Logic invited the young fan on stage after she revealed that she was only 12 years old. Her expression indicated that she was stunned by the opportunity. It also prompted her to hug him before exclaiming, “Oh my god, you are so beautiful.”

Fan Rocks The House

Moreover, the Maryland rapper asked the girl if she knew the song’s second verse, and she responded confidently. “Do I know? Of course, I do… Let’s do this.”

In the beginning, they rap together to the background music. However, acapella eventually came up, so the audience could better hear the 12-year-old’s abilities. Logic’s performance was impressive, but the audience’s reaction to her fast raps suggests that a middle school girl may have stolen the show.

In terms of keeping his fans entertained, Logic has a knack for it. Rather than rapping alone to his music, he invites his supporters to join him, which appears to be a fun experience.

Written by Nikiya Biggs

Instagram: @ngv6236 | Twitter: @BiggsNikiya

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