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D.C. Young Fly’s Girlfriend, Ms. Jacky Oh!, Passes Away At Age 32



Ms. Jacky Oh!, Girlfriend Of DC Young Fly Passes Away At 32
Ms. Jacky Oh! and D.C. Young Fly. Image source: Aaron J. Thornton, Getty Images.

With heavy hearts, we learn of the unfortunate passing of Ms. Jacky Oh!, birthname Jacklyn Smith. She is the former Wild N’Out star and beloved girlfriend of singer, actor, and comedian D.C. Young Fly. Aged 32 years old, her untimely departure has left a void in many hearts. She left behind three young children named Nova, Nala, and Prince.

Ms. Jacky Oh!’s “Mommy Makeover” Cut Short

According to TMZ, while in the vibrant city of Miami, Ms. Jacky Oh! was undergoing a transformative experience known as a “mommy makeover” when fate dealt a devastating blow. A few months after giving birth to her youngest son, the model, actor, and Shein partner indulged in self-care to enhance her confidence and well-being. It is truly heartbreaking to consider the circumstances surrounding her passing.

dc young fly

Ms. Jacky Oh! and her plastic surgeon Dr. Zachary Okhah. Credit: The Independent

MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” confirmed the tragic news on their verified Facebook page on Thursday (June 1). The complete statement says:

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jacklyn Smith, known to the world as Jacky Oh, a talented Wild N’ Out family member whose impact will be forever treasured and missed. Jacky Oh was a loving friend and beloved colleague of the Wild N’ Out cast for five seasons. More importantly, she was a tremendous mother to three beautiful children. The BET Media Group extends our sincere condolences to the Smith family, D.C. Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon, and all friends who loved and cared for Jacky Oh during this difficult time.” – A BET Media Group Spokesperson.”

Heartbreaking News Halts “Wild ‘N Out” Production

A source revealed to The Shade Room that it was during D.C. Young Fly’s active participation in the filming of “Wild ‘N Out” in Atlanta when he received the heart-wrenching news. The impact was so significant that it led to an immediate stop to the show’s production. Despite this distressing news, D.C. Young Fly has chosen to maintain his privacy and refrained from publicly addressing Jacky’s untimely passing.

Interestingly, destiny brought together D.C. Young Fly and Jacky Oh! in 2015 during his debut on the widely popular show Wild N’Out. Their connection blossomed, creating a beautiful bond that would endure the tests of time. They built a life together that now includes their cherished trio of children.

Exploring Additional Procedures In A “Mommy Makeover”

Reflecting on recent years, we witness the rise in popularity of “mommy makeovers” among celebrities. These remarkable individuals, such as Blac Chyna, Cardi B, and Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa, have openly shared their experiences, acknowledging the transformative effects of this procedure after giving birth to their children. One cannot help but consider the motivations behind this trend and its positive impact on these influential figures.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons informs us that a “mommy makeover” frequently encompasses a delightful assortment of procedures. These include breast augmentation, lift, or reduction, a tummy tuck that works wonders for the midsection, a butt augmentation to enhance the curves, the magical touch of liposuction for a more sculpted figure, and the graceful upliftment of either arms or thighs.

Now, let’s dive into the world of “mommy makeovers”! It’s no secret that many marvelous mothers opt for these transformative procedures after their pregnancies, seeking that magnificent “snap back” look. But did you know that these makeovers are not limited to just mothers? Post-menopausal women, who may have experienced weight gain due to hormone fluctuations, can also embark on this rejuvenating journey.

With all the options available, one can’t help but wonder: What other procedures might be included in a “mommy makeover?” How long is the recovery period for these delightful transformations? And most importantly, how does one ensure a safe and successful experience? Let’s explore further and embrace the wonders of these procedures!

The Importance Of Allowing Ample Recovery Time For “Mommy Makeovers”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a trusted authority in the field, affirms that “mommy makeovers” are generally safe when proper recovery time is allowed for your body.

“A mommy makeover can radically change how your body looks, giving you more energy, vitality and self-esteem. It is also a surgical procedure that requires an investment of time for recovery. Patients with the happiest outcomes are the ones who plan accordingly,” the company writes. “The best way to ensure a great result is to give your body the time and energy that it needs to heal properly.”

While it is true that no plastic surgery, especially those involving invasive procedures, is entirely devoid of risks, it is vital to approach this decision with a clear understanding of the potential hazards involved. Are there specific precautions or measures you should consider before undergoing this procedure? How can you effectively manage and minimize the risks associated with invasive plastic surgery?

A Multifaceted Personality: Creating Opportunities Beyond The Spotlight

Ms. Jacky Oh! had a large following on her series “My Honeylicious Life” and Instagram. On the video platform, she garnered 816k subscribers, reflecting her widespread popularity. In her captivating series, she shared heartwarming moments with her adorable children, presented fashion segments that left viewers inspired, offered party tips that were the talk of the town, and even gave us a glimpse into their unforgettable family trip to Disney World with her partner, D.C. Young Fly.

One of her most recent episodes, uploaded on May 27, captured their family attending a special screening of the beloved movie, “The Little Mermaid.” The series was like a box of chocolates – you never knew what you would get, but you could always count on something sweet.

Jacky played a prominent role as a Wild ‘N Out girl on the hit show “Wild ‘N Out,” where she first crossed paths with her partner, D.C. Young Fly. Her dedication to the show lasted for five seasons, showcasing her talents and entertaining the audience.

Alongside her television success, she also left her mark as an influencer. She amassed an impressive 1 million Instagram followers. Additionally, in her social media bio, she proudly highlighted her YouTube channel. Her channel consists of family vlogs, beauty, and fashion videos.

Despite her achievements in the entertainment industry, Jacky Oh! ventured into other realms to pursue her dreams. She embraced the role of a realtor, showcasing her versatility as an entrepreneur. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own lip gloss line, the highly esteemed J. Nova Collection, which undoubtedly adds to her multifaceted personality. These ventures demonstrate her passion for exploring various avenues and creating opportunities beyond the spotlight.


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Honoring Ms. Jacky Oh!: Celebrating Her Love And Contribution To The World

At this challenging time, our thoughts and sympathies are with Jacky’s family, D.C. Young Fly, their daughters Nova and Nala, and their son Prince. While we eagerly await an official statement from the grieving family, it is crucial to remember that grieving is a personal journey, and they deserve privacy as they navigate this painful loss.

As we stand by the family in this trying moment, may we cherish the memories of Ms. Jacky Oh! and celebrate the love and joy she brought into the world.


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