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NBA Superstar, Chris Paul, Launches Plant-Based Snack Brand



Chris Paul Launched A Plant-Based Snack Brand
Chris Paul presenting his plant-based snacks. Image source: Vegworld Magazine.

NBA superstar, Chris Paul, went out from his comfort zone by starting a new brand of plant-derived snacks. The Phoenix Suns point guard announced a new partnership with food delivery service GoPuff. 

The collaboration resulted in CP3’s new plant-based snack brand Good Eat’n. The company seeks to offer tasty plant food. 

Paul himself acknowledged the difficulty in finding quality vegan snacks. The legendary point guard and GoPuff hope their new brand remedies that particular problem. Some find it odd for Paul to engage in this business venture; however, those more aware of Paul’s personal life see it as a natural progression.

Chris Paul’s Transformation

The twelve-time NBA all-star transitioned to a plant-based diet in 2019. The change stemmed from Paul’s viewing of the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers.” The film interviewed several athletes who credited their prolonged success to their plant-based diets. Paul, aged 34 at the time, neared the age that many other NBA players began to decline in performance or retire altogether. However, following his new dietary change, Paul resurged into basketball prominence.

Since then, he went to the NBA finals with the Suns, made several All-Star game selections, and made it onto two All-NBA Second Teams. Such a performance increase led Paul to initially become an advocate for the benefits of plant-based diets. Now, Paul aims to use this new brand to bring the benefits of that diet to the mass market of America.

Athletes Turned Businessmen

Paul’s announcement also follows the new trend of entrepreneurial superstar athletes. Recently athletes in all sports began to dip their toes into other realms as a potential money-making plan. Some, like Chris Paul’s fellow NBA stars, Lebron James, even ventured into sports ownership. Others also follow the simple and more common route of endorsement deals. However, if successful, Chris Paul’s new attempt could also inspire others to enter the snack industry.

Written by Ryan Fields

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