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Polo G Arrest Footage Surfaces, Tells Officers They’re ‘Broke’



Polo G
CREDIT: Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage

Popular Chicago rapper Polo G’s 2021 arrest footage has surfaced. In it, he told officers that they were “broke.”

Polo G Is Arrested After His Album Release Party In Summer 2021

According to TMZ, the Miami Police Department released the body camera footage on July 7. It shows Polo G shouting while he was in handcuffs. Police arrested him a year ago, in June 2021, after his “The Goat” album release party.

Shortly after he was taken into custody, prosecutors charged the Chicago rapper with resisting an officer without violence. However, they dropped the charges after he completed some anger management classes. The classes entailed a 6-hour anger management course.

The deal was reportedly part of a Pre-Trial Intervention program (PTI) which enables offenders with non-violent offenses to have their charges dropped once they finish these types of programs. Since he never pled guilty, his case was ultimately closed.

The Chicago Rapper Questions Officer In Body Camera Video

In the body cam video of Polo G‘s arrest, he is seen questioning an officer’s career path while in a police cruiser.

“Yo,” the then-22-year-old said. “You broke as hell.”

“Here we go about the broke and the money. Oh my god,” the officer replied.

“I’m just sayin’, do you [have] $10,000 in your bank account right now?” Polo G asked. “I’m just sayin’, bro. If you die right now, what can you give your kids? If you die right now, what could you give the lady that you in bed with? What could you give to your mama? Have you ever bought yo’ mama anything? Did you buy yo’ mama a car? Did you buy yo’ mama a house? I did that.”

The officer responded saying, “Good for you, bro. I’m glad you did that… I would love to do that one day.”

“You would love to do it, but you never will,” Polo G continued before telling the man that he could’ve become anything else, but he chose to become a cop.

Meanwhile, Polo G Recently Dropped His Latest Song

The rapper dropped his single “Distraction” a month ago, on June 3.

Amber Nofetari Alexander is an Associate Editor and Social Media Editor for FM Hip Hop. She's originally from Brooklyn, NYC with a knack for Black culture, music, women's issues, and fashion. She's also a social media junkie and avid jewelry collector. Amber's work has also been published on The Fader, Sister 2 Sister, and News Onyx.

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