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Russian Soldiers Murdered Russian Rapper’s Ex-Wife’s Father In Bucha



Russian Rapper's Ex-Wife's Father Executed In Bucha
On the top left: Eva Karitskaya with her ex-husband, Russian rapper Pasha Technique. On the top right: Eva's father, Alexander Melnychuk; the Russian soldiers executed him in the massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. On the bottom: The woman mourns the death of her husband, killed in Bucha. Image source: Eva Karitskaya, Associated Press.

Along with 410 people, Russia executed the 49-year-old Alexander Melnychuk in the massacre in Bucha, Ukraine. Melnychuk was also the father of Eva Karitskaya, ex-wife of the Russian rapper Pasha Technique.

Pyotr Verzilov, activist and the main editor of Mediazona, first reported the news on his Twitter account. Mediazona then also published Eva’s father’s story.

“The last time we spoke he told me not to pick up the phone if an unknown number was to suddenly call me,” Karitskaya said. “He said that they checked his phones three or four times a day.”

The last Karitskaya spoke with her father was on Mar 16. “That same day, the 16th, the day of our last conversation, they started searching through his phone, took him outside, and shot him.”

Melnychuk’s neighbors later told Karitskaya about her father’s death. They also buried Melnychuk in the courtyard beneath his ground-floor apartment.

Russian Rapper's Ex-Wife's Father Executed In Bucha

Melnychuk’s grave. The caption says, “God rest your soul… Gone too soon.”
Image source: TikTok, @abra_kadabra7878.

Melnychuk stayed in Bucha after the war started. His wife and 11-year-old son Danila managed to escape to Poland. Karitskaya also shared that it took her family three days to get out of the country. Melnychuk’s wife and son had to sleep in the parked buses while facing numerous corpses on the roads.

Russia Massacred 410 People in Bucha, Ukrainian Capital’s Suburb

The Russian army committed genocide in Ukraine. 410 people died for no reason. “They shot anyone who resisted their presence, interrogations and looting – or simply looked suspicious,” Al Jazeera’s source says.

The horrendous pictures appeared after the Ukrainian army entered Bucha. They saw numerous bodies of civilians lying around the roads. Some had white hand bands on their shoulders, which allegedly signed the civilians’ population. Others have the bands tied behind their hands. 

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed their war crimes as “another production of the Kyiv regime for the Western media.” Moving on, the Russian officials started claiming that Ukraine is killing its own civilians. Apparently, the Russian army left the town a couple of days before the massacre pictures appeared.

However, The New York Times then published the investigation with a series of satellite pictures. They show that the civilians’ bodies were lying on Bucha’s grounds since the middle of March, long before Russia left the town.

FM Hip Hop sends the deepest condolences to Eva and the Ukrainian victims of Russia’s barbarism.

Donate to charities like the International Medical CorpsUnited Help Ukraine, or Global Giving to aid the people of Ukraine. Even a small help can do a lot.

Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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