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The Game Blocked Pat Stay For Having Eminem’s Back



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The battle challenge among rappers isn’t news. Recently, Pat Stay challenged the Game to enter a rap battle with the latter. Wondering how this started? Well, as we all know The Game dropped a disk track aimed at Eminem last week. The two rappers never really got along in real life. Moreover, by releasing his new song, The Game aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor sought Eminem’s attention by dissing “the real slim shady,” proving to the world he’s a better rapper and better lyricist than Eminem. It can be argued that he took his shot and hit it with the track titled ”Black Slim Shady.”

The Los-Angeles born rapper mentioned before that he would die to have a rap battle with the star during his interview on Drink Champs. 

Pat Stay’s Clapback

The Game wrote verses mentioning that Eminem became successful because he is white which Pat contradicted.  The rapper confronted The Game in his Instagram post, throwing him a rap battle challenge. He additionally said that the 42-year-old rapper is just an attention seeker, desperately wanting to catch Eminem’s eyes by dropping his 10-minute track. Furthermore, Pat thought that Game was looking forward to Eminem’s response to the track but he apparently did not.

The rapper also posted :

I gotta say, as a fan losangelesconfidential its been hard to watch you desperately begging for @eminem attention trying to battle him. Trust me, I respect the hunger, but once you start that whole “he only blew up because he’s white” type sh*t it comes off more haterish than competitive. But Game, you seem very eager to battle. Specifically a “white boy”. Well why don’t you do a real battle and come see me?? We can do it in LA. Yeah, you’re way bigger than me in the music world, of course. But in the battle world you’re the underdog, by a long shot. We can put whatever up too.

Pat eventually cooled down the situation asking fans to back off as he does not wish to start a war with the L.A rapper. Now, let’s wait and see Eminem response to The Game’s comments.


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Written by Satina Bungsy

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