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TikTok Viral Artist Tisakorean Produces McDonald’s New Sprite Anthem



Image Source: Cary Fagan

There is an innovative approach to preparing and presenting McDonald’s food. According to a press release, as part of its ongoing marketing strategy, McDonald’s has announced that they have partnered with popular TikToker, producer, and rapper Tisakorean. His initiative was to produce a unique beat to showcase how tasty Sprite is when served from its soda fountain.

Why Did Tisakorean Name The Sprite Anthem “Static”?

The song “Static,” by Tisakorean feat. Sprite from McDonald’s was released on Instagram and TikTok on Aug. 30. The anthem is intended to convey the perception among over a thousand consumers on social media that the fast food chain’s Sprite tastes like static.

Aside from a hip-hop beat, Tisakorean, who has over 500,000 followers on Byte-Dance’s TikTok, layers the sound as inspiration, then bases his hook on the question, “Can I take a sip?”

Tisakorean Loves McDonald’s Sprite Drink

Apparently, TisaKorean has always turned to Sprite at McDonald’s as his regular drink of choice. Therefore, he believes that the drink imparts an intense taste that reminds one of static electricity. As a result, the producer was thrilled when McDonald’s approached him about creating this track.


Sprite drink. Credit: McDonald’s

People usually enjoy certain beverages in particular stores, restaurants, or other establishments. Their response is different to specific tastes in beverages. Therefore, one must be extremely satisfied with the taste of a particular drink if they subjects themselves to it.

‘Making of the Beat’

Supporting the artist, McDonald’s released a short video titled “Making of the Beat.” The video depicts Tisakorean working in a recording studio.

In addition, the video was made in collaboration with hip-hop director Carmelo Varela to offer a glimpse into Tisakorean’s creative process and style. Furthermore, a growing trend is branded partnering with creators to reach out to niche audiences and gain a more solid following on the web to reach out more to consumers.


Moreover, Offline TV has become the first major sponsor of its campaign to promote McDonald’s. The company is a group of content creators dedicated to creating gaming-focused content.

Overall, McDonald’s relationship with Sprite is no secret. The fast food chain encourages Sprite fans to add their own flavor to the song by trending the hashtag #McDonaldsStaticSprite on TikTok or Instagram.

Written by Nikiya Biggs

Instagram: @ngv6236 | Twitter: @BiggsNikiya

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