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US Senate Seeks to Label Russia For Terrorism



Photo by: Carolyn Kaster

The US Senate unanimously approved a nonbinding resolution calling on US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to declare Russia as a sponsor of terrorism. This resolution passed on Wednesday, July, 27. These actions by the US Senate are in response to Russia’s activities in Syria, Chechnya, Georgia, and most recently in Ukraine.  These acts of terror by Russia in these locations have resulted “in the deaths of countless innocent men, women, and children,” according to the New York Times.

Nancy Pelosi is a strong supporter of a similar bill previously. However, the State Department holds the power to designate a state sponsor of terrorism. Other states on the list of sponsors of terror include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. Nonetheless, the Senate’s passage of this resolution puts more pressure on the Biden administration to add Russia to the list. 

Russia’s Acts of Terror 

The Senate bill reads “Armed forces of the Russian Federation have committed numerous summary executions against innocent civilians and have attempted to cover their atrocities with mass graves across Ukraine.” Despite Russia’s attempt to cover its tracks, several media outlets have taken video or picture evidence of their crimes. In response to Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine, congress has approved more than 50 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Additionally, Russia began its invasion and occupation of Ukraine back in February of this year. It should be noted that since the occupation began, several Americans have gone to Ukraine to help. Some have gone to help train the soldiers or civilians who must now become soldiers in order to survive. Others have gone to help aid in any other way that they can. 

This action could send echoes of what the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has said about Russia. Volodymyr firmly suggests that Russian forces have committed numerous acts of brutality against Ukrainian citizens. These acts include murder, torture, and rape which amount to terrorism. 

Written by Patrick Rodriguez | Twitter |

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