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Video of Polo G Miami Arrest Surfaces, “They’re Trying To Kill Me”



Polo G Arrest Video Surfaces
Polo G in police custody. Image source: TMZ.

Illuminating body cam footage gave insight into Polo G’s controversial 2021 arrest in Miami, Florida.

A Rough Night in Miami

Polo G has had a complicated relationship with police over the years, to put it lightly. In June last year, the “Pop Out” artist went under arrest and faced charges of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief. This resulted from claims that Polo struck an officer multiple times, leaving him with a swollen cheek and facial bruises. A night celebration in Miami then quickly turned into chaos.

The video takes place shortly after the release party for Polo G’s “Hall of Fame” album. The Chicago rapper is in cuffs sitting in the back of a police vehicle. According to authorities, they initially pulled Polo G over for his tints. Allegedly, he got belligerent when asked to put his window down. Things escalated from there.

One of the most notable moments from the video is Polo G’s complaint of pain and troubled breathing. Luckily, the 23-year-old then went to the hospital. However, only after an extended back and forth ensued between the officer at the wheel and his partners. 

Apparently, one cop wasn’t familiar with Polo G’s music, which sparked a debate between younger authorities regarding the artist’s new album. In addition, the transporting officer couldn’t locate the clasp on Polo’s gold chain for quite some time. Of course, in the meantime, the young artist has still been in handcuffs, awaiting medical assistance.

Polo G Gets off Fine

The footage briefly shows a scuffle between Polo and the officers, but it also adds some validity to his prior claims of mishandling while in police custody. Obviously, his lawyer agrees and publicly criticized Miami PD during a TMZ interview recently.

“They didn’t show him getting slammed to the ground or…why [he] was pulled over,” Bradford Cohen said. Cohen has represented several rappers in the past, like Kodak black, DMX, and Lil Wayne. “Of course, they wouldn’t show that. I have never seen a department react to their malfeasance by disseminating highly edited disparaging video.” In the same interview, Cohen calls Miami police “childish” and claims videos like these are “why a lot of people are losing faith in policing.”

The judge dismissed a case against Polo G back in April. Instead of jail time, he was required to complete a six-hour anger management course. Since he never pleaded guilty, the case is officially closed behind him. However, many fans are still expressing intense supporPolo G Arrest Video Surfacest months after the fact. Although Cohen may describe the footage as disparaging, fans are siding with Polo and understand his frustration with the police.


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Written by Dreema Carrington

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