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Young Thug’s Jail Isolation Is Nothing To Snicker About



YSL RICO Case Attorney Asks Judge To Delay Trial
Young Thug's Appearance in court following the RICO arrest. Image source:

Young Thug is entering the harsh reality of the jail system. 

Young Thug’s Indictment; YSL Claimed “Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization”

Recently, Young Thug and 27 members of YSL have been indicted by Fulton County for ‘Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization’ better known as RICO.

Young Thug's Jail Isolation Is Nothing To Snicker About

Young Thug performing live at Openair Frauenfeld 2019. Image source: Commonist, Wikiimedia Commons.

The lawmakers initially created RICO to combat the Mafia in the early 70s. This complex federal law has tackled many crime families. Surprisingly, Georgia’s broader state terms have made it easier to target street gangs.  

Young Thug’s Conditions In Jail Are At The Least Questionable 

The 88-page indictment held a long list of charges. The list includes armed robbery and aggravated assault, using the lyrics of YSL members against them. Since then, Thug has headed into the spiraling and complex world of the criminal justice system.

First, Judge Robert Wolfe denied Thug bond from jail. The judge reasoned that the artist was a flight risk; Wolfe also expressed concern about Young Thug committing additional felonies. Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, tried to plead by re-emphasizing the cooperation level shown by Young Thug, but to no avail.

Next came the emergency bond hearing filed for the treatment in Cobb County Jail. Steel has stated that Thug has been “held in solitary confinement” with only:

“a 24-hour headlight in a windowless cell, [with no] opportunity to shower, exercise, have human contact, or access media.” 

As a result, Young Thug’s jail experience was only getting worse.

Clarity Or Confusion

Jail employees have stated this is a dramatization of what is actually happening. Jail officials of Cobb County Jail take WBS-TV on tour to show her “above board jail.” So, Michael Seiden got a first look at seeing the conditions.

Conversely, the only crew member of WSB-TV allowed inside was him. The short news special depicted the cemented room with one toilet and headlight. Somehow, this doesn’t negate their claims. Jail officials stated, “this is a jail…a detention center. It’s not the Ritz Carlton, so you have to recognize that.” 

Apparently, Thug is also being held in solitary because of his “high profile status and safety.”

Therefore, leaving it as Young Thug is just in jail. 

The Ultimate Science 

However, research has found that isolation can be psychologically harmful and induce effects such as “anxiety, depression, and paranoia.” The stress of these conditions can exuberate the worsening health conditions. Health professionals and jail officials have differing opinions on the actual mental cost of isolation.

The varying elements associated make it difficult to measure precisely. Nonetheless, Young Thug’s responses to the jail conditions align with many solitary complaints. Thug’s objections must have taken a second look.

Written by Nyla Stanford

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