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AEG Presents Takes Young Thug To Court



Young Thug
Young Thug/ credit- GettyImages

It seems like Young Thug just can’t catch a break. Currently locked up and facing RICO charges, Thug has other legal problems. AEG Presents is suing Young Thug for alleged money they report they are owed from the rapper and his team.

AEG Presents Claims Young Thug Broke Contract

AllHipHop reports that Young Thug and AEG Presents came to an agreement. Young Thug got an advanve of five million dollars from AEG and in return Young Thug would give AEG exclusive rights to all of his concerts.

AEG Presents logo

AEG Presents logo/ credit- AEG- YouTube

AEG Presents states that they signed a contract with Young Thug in 2017. They alleged that he broke the contract soon after. Claims suggest that Thug booked shows without AEG’s involvement and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for the shows.

“Despite having granted AEG the exclusive right to promote Mr. Williams’ concert performances under the terms of the 2017 Artist Agreement, YSL and Mr. Williams immediately failed and refused to honor their respective obligations under the 2017 Artist Agreement by, among other things, disregarding AEG’s rights, performing concerts without AEG’s involvement, and retaining all proceeds generated therefrom” -AEG’s lawyer, Kathleen Jorrie


Young Thug

Younh Thug/ Photo Credit: Urban Islandz

AEG Will Sue Young Thug & YSL

AEG surprises Young Thug with a breach of contract. The entertainment company is seeking the five million dollars reportedly given to him and interest.

Additionally, AEG Presents says that Young Thug put up collateral to complete the contract. This collateral includes the Young Stoner Life brand, portions of Young Thug’s publishing catalog, and the Young Thug trademark.

What Happened Next?

Young Thug and YSL remained quiet on the topic for some time. Eventually they responded to AEG by allegedly stating the claims to be false. In 2021, both parties met but they could not agree on a solution.

AEG Presents continued the process through the courts. A judge didn’t hear the case because it was postponed due to Young Thug being arrested and hit with RICO charges.

Young Thug

Young Thug/ credit- Getty Images

The lawyers for AEG requested that they have extra time for their case. AEG want to continue their trial after Young Thug goes to court on his RICO charges. A judge granted them the extra time requested. The official case is AEG Presents LLC v. YSL Touring LLC. will take place in October of 2023.

AEG is looking to get $6 million dollars, the rights to YSL company and the name Young Thug and attorney fees.


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