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AI Brings A New Twist To Super Mario Characters By Turning Them Into Villains



Super Mario Characters Become Villains Through AI
Image source: Online.Casino.

Did you hear about the new Super Mario Bros. movie? It is making waves! In fact, it earned an eye-popping $146 million on its opening weekend and raked in a massive $204.6 million in just five days. It’s no wonder fans, both old and new, are going wild for it.

But wait, it gets better. Online.Casino has taken things up a notch by using AI to create dark and twisted versions of the iconic Super Mario characters. Using the art program “MidJourney,” they’ve turned these beloved characters into chilling and sinister versions of themselves. I mean, can you imagine Mario as a villain? His character is entirely too charming to be considered an evildoer.


Remember when Mario was always the hero, saving Princess Peach and defeating the evil Bowser?

The appearance of Mario before Al’s transformation. Credit: Super Mario Wiki

Not anymore! Now, this AI-generated Mario looks downright menacing, with a wicked grin and a sinister gleam in his eyes. The usual cheery mustache and plumber’s outfit have been replaced with darker shades, and his hair is a mess. Can you imagine how scary that would be for the residents of Mushroom Kingdom? I mean, I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

super mario

AI transforms Mario into a villain. Credit: Online.Casino


Can you believe the AI-generated Luigi? I mean, forget about the friendly, lovable hero in green we all know and love.

The appearance of Luigi prior to Al’s transformation. Credit: Giant Bomb

This bad boy is more of a green-eyed monster with a twisted sneer and a nasty stare! I’m telling you, this Luigi has gone to the dark side. You can tell by the eerie, shadowy hue added to his classic green attire. And that once supportive demeanor? Forget about it! This Luigi is all about exploiting the Mushroom Kingdom for his own personal gain. He’s cold-hearted and ruthless – definitely not the Luigi we grew up with!

AI transforms Luigi into a villain. Credit: Online.Casino

Princess Peach

Princess Peach, the peachy and cute princess we all knew, is gone, and a fierce and cunning villain has taken over! Gone are the days when she was the epitome of grace and kindness.

super mario

The appearance of Princess Peach prior to Al’s transformation. Credit: Play Nintendo

Instead, the new Peach is the embodiment of darkness and evil, with her jet-black hair and burning, malevolent eyes.

You won’t recognize her iconic pink gown anymore since a dark and alluring plum-colored dress that gives Princess Peach an enigmatic and dangerous aura replaced it. What’s more, the once gentle Princess Peach now has a calculating and power-hungry mind, making her a puppet master of the Mushroom Kingdom’s underworld.

super mario

AI transforms Princess Peach into a villain. Credit: Online.Casino

Watch out because this new Peach is no longer just a damsel in distress but a force to be reckoned with!


The new version of Yoshi is a total shocker! They took our cute little green dino pal and turned him into something dark and creepy. Seriously, what happened to his adorable wide-eyed expression?

The appearance of Yoshi prior to Al’s transformation. Credit: Super Mario Wiki

It’s been replaced by a wicked glare that could give you goosebumps. And don’t even get me started on his skin. The days of smooth, glossy green skin are long gone. Now, Yoshi’s covered in rough, scaly armor that makes him look like he’s been through a battle. It’s like he’s ready to take on anything that comes his way.

But the scariest part is his features. They used to be so charming and friendly, but now they’re sharp and threatening. It’s like he’s not the Yoshi we know and love anymore.

AI transforms Yoshi into a sinister villain. Credit: Online.Casino

So, what do you guys think? Is this new version of Yoshi a little too intense for our taste?


Have you seen Toad? He used to be so cute and harmless, with his little mushroom cap and friendly smile.

super mario

The appearance of Toad prior to Al’s transformation. Credit: SmashWiki

Now, he’s all twisted and evil-looking, like he’s up to no good. Check out his arms and legs; they’re all muscular and powerful, like he’s been hitting the gym or something. And he’s not using his strength for good, oh no. This guy is causing nothing but chaos and destruction in the Mushroom Kingdom.

super mario

AI transforms Toad into a villain. Credit: Online.Casino 

This is not the same Toad we remember. What happened to him? Did he fall under some dark spell, or did he just snap one day? Either way, it’s clear that this new, villainous Toad means business, and he’s definitely not on our side anymore.

Effortless Transformations: How AI Is Changing The Game

It’s incredible how AI is changing the game in so many fields. Just look at how it can transform innocent animated characters into sinister villains like Toad. With a few tweaks here and there, AI can turn a beloved and trusted friend into an unrecognizable threat, all while making it look effortless. This goes to show the incredible possibilities that come with the advancement of AI.

And the best part is, we’re only scratching the surface of what this technology can do! Imagine the endless opportunities and discoveries that await us as we continue to push the limits of what’s possible with AI. It’s truly an exciting time to be alive and witness such groundbreaking advancements.

Online.Casino Spokesperson Discusses AI’s Versatility With Super Mario Characters

A spokesperson made the following comments for Online.Casino:

“These reinterpretations of iconic Super Mario characters demonstrate just how versatile new AI tools can be for bringing ideas to life that would once have been left only to the imagination. Presenting these familiar heroes in a new light also allows fans to consider the intriguing possibilities that emerge when characters take on roles outside of their traditional character arc.”

Written by Nikiya Biggs | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

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