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When Lyrics Come To Life: AL’s Artistic Depiction Enhancing The Song’s Imagery



Image source: Fotor

Music lovers, let’s explore the bizarre world of artificial intelligence and song lyrics. Artificial intelligence might make the perfect lyricist… just as long as it doesn’t pen any songs about wanting to take over the world!

In a recent study by Pirate, the world’s top provider of rehearsal and recording facilities for artists, AI image generator MidJourney took center stage. This genius AI system went on an artistic spree, creating insane visuals based on iconic lines from mega-popular songs. Who knew AI could be so musical? I guess you could say it’s an AI symphony.

Harry Styles’ chart-topping hit “As It Was” and Taylor Swift’s empowering anthem “Anti-Hero” inspired this AI masterpiece. These lyrics were like potions, cooking up a rainbow of four hypnotic pictures for each prompt.

 Picture after picture, the AI model brought the meaning of these songs to life in ways you’ve never seen before.

But before we unveil the stunning creations, how do you think artificial intelligence interprets the emotions and stories woven into song lyrics? How does it transform words into captivating imagery that resonates with our souls? Well, for starters, AI might be able to interpret the lyrics as “All you need is love” and turn it into a shopping list for a romantic dinner!

As It Was, Harry Styles

Prompt: “In this world, it’s just us, You know it’s not the same as it was.

Images conjured by AI are inspired by the soulful chorus lyrics of Harry Styles’ mega-hit, with over 2.4 billion streams on Spotify.

Ethereal scenes painted by the AI showcase couples immersed in a romantic twilight. In addition, satellites gracefully grace the canvas, adding otherworldly wonder. Does it feel magical to you?


Generated Al image for lyrics to As It Was by Harry Styles. Credit: MidJourney

Now, what if the one you love genuinely becomes your universe? What if, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, it’s just the two of you against the world? In these mesmerizing images, the theme of love is brought to life so intensely that you feel as if you are the only two souls on Earth.

Anti-Hero, Taylor Swift 

Prompt: “It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero.

Taylor Swift’s latest hit from her album “Midnights” smashes records left and right. This single has grown to nearly one billion Spotify streams! It’s a musical trend that’s got everyone talking.

AI’s interpretation of the lyrics depicts a group of exhausted, downcast men dressed in superhero-style costumes, surrounded by a sea of debris. Whoa! A visually striking vision that perfectly matches the song’s dark themes of devastation and loss.

Generated Al image for lyrics to Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift. Credit: MidJourney

Combined with such vivid imagery, Taylor Swift’s lyrics have a powerful impact! It’s like a scene straight out of a blockbuster movie, where heroes face their darkest moments amidst chaos and destruction.

Die For You, The Weeknd 

Prompt: “Even though we’re goin’ through it, And it makes you feel alone, Just know that I would die for you.

The resurgence of this song from The Weeknd’s 2016 album, “Starboy,” received a remarkable revival thanks to its original version and a popular remix featuring Ariana Grande. The combined streams of these two versions on Spotify have reached an incredible two billion times! Try to comprehend that number!

The innovative MidJourney engine has crafted a series of four captivating images, each depicting an embrace between a couple. And in one of the images, the woman sports a prominent skull tattoo, possibly inspired by the song’s haunting mention of death. In another image, she’s mysteriously playing guitar, adding an extra layer to the visual narrative.


Generated Al image for lyrics to Die For You by The Weeknd. Credit: Journo Research

Now, let your imagination run wild! What is it about this collaboration that makes it so appealing? And what other surprises and hidden meanings lie within the artwork accompanying this musical work of art? Maybe the artwork is so appealing because it’s an optical illusion that looks like a pizza when you tilt your head sideways! Or perhaps the hidden message within the artwork is that everyone should take a break and have a slice!

Flowers, Miley Cyrus 

Prompt: “I can buy myself flowers, Write my name in the sand.

Flowers, the sensational song released in January, has shattered records like a rockstar. It raced its way to one billion Spotify streams faster than any other song in history! What a powerful move!

The lyrics of the song appear to come to life through the artwork generated by artificial intelligence. What is the depiction of? A picturesque beach adorned with a beautifully arranged bed of flowers. It’s like stepping into a dreamy wonderland!

Generated Al image for lyrics to Flowers by Miley Cyrus. Credit: Journo Research

Among these enchanting images, two feature a lone person. And they seem a tad sad, which might contradict the song’s empowering and strong vibe after a heart-wrenching breakup. Isn’t that a curious twist?

Kill Bill, SZA 

Prompt: “I did it all for love, I did it all on no drugs.

We’ve got a juicy story to share here! SZA, the queen of epic revenge anthems, dropped a track that could blow our minds. Once again, MidJourney decided to play it safe and adhere to its community guidelines. Some chorus lyrics were too intense for their taste, so they passed on, creating images based on them. Safety first, right?

But all hope is not lost. MidJourney found solace in a less violent line, “I did it all for love, I did it all on no drugs.” And man, did they turn it into a visual delight! Vibrant portraits of fierce women bursting with colors, with flowers, butterflies, and hints of psychedelia dominating the scene. It’s like entering into a world full of artistic brilliance!

Generated Al image for lyrics to Kill Bill by SZA. Credit: Journo Research

Are you able to visualize it? The bold strokes of paint, the hypnotizing swirls of color, and the blend of femininity and empowerment. It’s a celebration of love, passion, and self-expression.

Pirate Spokesperson’s Insights: Exploring The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Song Imagery

Commenting on the images, a spokesperson for Pirate said:

“These are lyrics that have been listened to and sung millions of times, becoming embedded in people’s minds and part of their daily lives, so it’s fascinating to see how an artificial intelligence creates imagery that ranges from the striking to the beautiful to the bizarre.

It reminds us that true human artistry is still an essential part of the creative process in music, but also that the advance of AI could help inspire new ways of thinking about the craft of writing songs. From a music artist’s perspective, AI can also help lower some of the costs associated with self-releasing music such as design for album art or even creating music videos.”

Written by Nikiya Biggs | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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