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Drake Accused Of Conspiring In XXXTentacion’s Murder Because Of Bad Lyrics



Drake XXXTentacion Murder Connection Allegations
Dedrick Williams. Image source: Broward County Sheriff's Office.

Conspiracy theories are a new way to go for those who don’t want to take personal responsibility. Local and worldwide, many create or support adult fairy tales to avoid federal criminal charges or the consequences of waging an aggressive war.

This trend has also been noticeable in the Hip-Hop industry. Boosie Badazz blamed Russian hackers after publicly suggesting Lil Nas X kills himself. Ye found himself complaining about TikTok destroying his family. 

Drake Has Bad Lyrics And Hangs Out With The Wrong Crowd

One of XXXTentacion’s murder suspects, Dedrick Williams, and his attorney claim Drake’s involvement with the murder of the “Look At Me” author. The reason? 

“Despite the of Mr. Onfroy [XXXTentacion], Mr. Graham [Drake] has consistently written lyrics in his music after the murder that the defense believes relates to the decedent. The lyrics include but not limited to the following: On the track On BS on Drake’s newest album her loss album he has a lyric where it is believed he refers to XXX…”

On top of having accusingly suspicious lyrics, Drake, at least in the eyes of Williams’ attorney, has questionable friends and fans. The attorney explained that Top5, a supposed member of a Canadian street gang and Drake’s alleged acquaintance, “appeared on a podcast by DJ Akademiks and declared openly ‘I am Drake’s shooter. I’m not lying. Anyone disrespect Drake, I am shooting.’ That was said openly and aired for millions to view on DJ Akademiks’ podcast.”

Unfortunately, people tend to say things they don’t mean even when “said openly and aired for millions.” Also, even if Top5 was sincere (the man is facing a first-degree murder charge, after all), XXXTentacion’s claims that Drake stole his style don’t seem disrespectful enough. It’s just too much effort. Also, a creative dispute does not sound severely sufficient for someone to set up a murder and then commit an international crime since Top5 is originally from Canada. 

The First List

Also, Williams’ allegations against Drake are only a second part of the list of witnesses the defendant and his lawyer, Mauricio Padilla, gave to the judge earlier. The prosecutor suspected an attempt to set a trial by ambush; The list included many random people, including those residing internationally.

Also, none of the alleged witnesses, like 6ix9ine, had listed addresses or a contact to send a subpoena. Padilla explained that the alleged witnesses “are high-profile people. And it’s not easy for me to subpoena. I don’t have numbers, but it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to…Trying to subpoena Drake is not easy — you need a drone.”

Judge Michael Usan asked to at least cut the list down to people with known addresses and clear reasoning to show up at court. Considering the new document, it looks like Padilla bought a drone.

Drake’s and XXX’s Dispute

Back in 2017, Drake and XXX had a creative dispute. The latter started accusing Dreezy of stealing the way X raps on his famous “Look At Me” composition. XXXTentacion also claimed that someone warned him to leave Drake alone. Someone else also hacked X’s phone. It worked at the time; the conflict ended, and everybody moved on.

More To Uncover

However, there are still questions about XXXTentacion’s murder. 

He was allegedly killed in a robbery. However, the defendants reportedly killed the artist after getting everything they needed from him. The crime also occurred in the middle of the day. 

Hopefully, more responses will soon come out regarding this very controversial case.

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | Instagram: nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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