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#FMTrends: DJ Khaled Father Of Asahd Album Review [links]



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DJ Khaled Father Of Asahd Album Review

Salutations FM Trendsetters and FM Hip Hop Heads! As you already know by now, the controversial and successfully blessed DJ Khaled released his eleventh studio album, Father Of Asahd, executive produced by his three year old son Asahd (like his previous album, Grateful).  Once again the Miami DJ enlists a slew of artists, new and veteran, for another prolific and monumental project. Now, brought to you by the good folks at FM Hip Hop, here is the track by track album review:

  1. Holy Mountain (feat Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado & 070 Shake) : DJ Khaled takes us to the music that influences him the most, especially living in Miami.  Welcome back the newly freed Buju Banton.  All I could say is the keys and the reggae rifts mixed with each of the artists’ vocals bring that Caribbean drama to the track. Makes you want to hold two fingers in the air and go “bo bo bo bomfiyah!”
  2. Wish Wish (feat Cardi B & 21 Savage): What more can we say? Cardi and 21 Savage on the same track? The track already is litty! Now these two trap rap conglomerates keep the hype up, riding the track harder than the streets they came from!
  3. Jealous (feat Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean):  Chris Brown’s vocals crooning in the beginning, with a nice 90s flow! Lil Wayne and his witty rhymes and punchlines always never disappointing considering you always hear him on DJ Khaled‘s tracks since the first LP in 2006.  Big Sean delivers with mastery.  A summer track definitely!
  4. Just Us (feat SZA): “I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson, ooooooh! I am for reaaaallll!” The Outkast 1999 single “Ms. Jackson” sample kills this whole track with the sweet vocals of the TDE singer.  One of my favorites!
  5. You Stay (feat Meek Mill, J Balvin, Lil Baby & Jeremih) : The Puff Daddy and The Family platinum single “Senorita”  complements the lyrics of Meek MillJeremih vocals blend very well with the song as well.  Lil Baby did his thing as well! If you was never a fan of this young talent, you would be off this track! Please also be advised to use Rosetta Stone if you do not understand the lyrics of Latin sensation J Balvin!
  6. Celebrate (feat Travis Scott & Post Malone) : The Miami DJ has been known to have a gift to blend the perfect collaborations among artist.  Post Malone and Travis Scott.  This track proves it!
  7. Higher (feat Nipsey Hussle & John Legend): This track will be sure to bring a tear to all Nipsey Hussle fans of the late great slain rapper.  The perfect song to depict the end of a great artist.  Sounds like Nipsey’s last message before he descends to heaven.  Mixed with the talents of Mr. John Legend!  Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle!  We can hear you from heaven on this track!  Motivational and breath taking! My overall favorite track!
  8. Wont Take My Soul (feat Nas & CeeLo Green): The perfect track to come right after “Higher” and who does he gets? One of the most prolific emcees of Hip Hop, Nasir Jones, and the eerie sounds of Goodie Mob rap singer CeeLo on the hook!
  9. Weather The Storm (feat Meek Mill & Lil Baby): If DJ Khaled‘s son Asahd is the executive producer then he is the most talented three year old I have ever heard of.  The track listing is so relevant! So right!
  10. Big Boy Talk (feat Young Jeezy & Rick Ross): Now if I am not mistaken, these two hustle heavyweights had beef with each other many times in the past and many run ins with each other’s collectives!  For the fact they are on this blazed track together is both historical and legendary!  All we need is 50cent and it would be a wrap!  Another favorite!
  11. Freak N You (feat Lil Wayne & Gunna) : The Jodeci sample is so necessary for this track! Not only does it bring in the track, but hearing Weezy (again on a Khaled track) along with new comer Gunna is guaranteed this is another track for the summer!  Perfect timing!
  12. Top Off (feat JAY-Z, Future, & Beyonce): This track reminds me so much of “I Got The Keys“.  Hov went strait Jigga on the track! He brought back that early 2000s J-Hova on this track.  He could breathe on the track and it would be a hit.  Not to mention her highness Mrs. Carter, “the realest n**** in the room”! A dope track!
  13. No Brainer (feat Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper & Quavo): Not really my favorite, but this track goes in!  Not a fan or “Bieleber” but Chance and Quavo sounds so great on the same track.
  14. Thank You (feat Big Sean): Another favorite!  Very motivational track!  If you are an inspiring artist, this is your track! F.Y.I. Big Sean, I can name all nine members of the Wu Tang Clan.
  15. Holy Ground (feat Buju Banton): I am a big fan of reggae and especially Buju Banton‘s music! This shows me that the once incarcerated reggae legend has not lost his touch.  Reminiscent of Bob Marley. Big ups massive to DJ Khaled!  Definitely wraps up the album.

This album in its entirety was a masterpiece and I think you will agree!  If you did not hear the LP already, click the links below and enjoy the DJ Khaled and Asahd experience:




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