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#FMTrends: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Release Surprise Collabo Album [Links]



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Jay-Z and Beyoncé Release Surprise Collabo Album

Salutations FM Trendsetters! The royal family of Hip Hop is back!  Since Jay-Z’s Bonnie and Clyde 02 and Beyoncé’s debut album Dangerously In Love, we been following these two conglomerate artists, hoping one day they would have a collaboration album.  That day was Saturday, June 16th 2018. Surprisingly, with no promotion.  This has been a very big weekend in Hip Hop altogether.  Nas released an album, completely produced by Kanye West, the day before and now the Carters.  The prayers of the infamous Bey-hive has been answered!  Not to mention, Blue Ivy also made a cute appearance between songs on interludes, in which brought more substance and definition to the feel of the album.  The producer list for the tracks was astonishing, ranging from long collaborative producer Pharrell Williams to Boi1da.  With appearances like Migos. The following is a track by track review of the critically acclaimed Everything Is Love album by The Carters.


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  1. Summer – The track is orchestrated by the smooth instruments of the El Michels Affair, well blended and produced by Miami collective Cool and Dre.  The track is a funky and soulful track supported by the sweet melodic vocals of Bey and held together by her husband’s flow.  It gives you that True Romance movie type of vibe. A potential favorite for the Bey-hive and longtime Beyoncé fans.
  2. Apes**t – I can’t lie, this track is very lit.  But it sounds more of a Migos track that belongs on a DJ Khaled album.  Even the flow that Jigga had was reminiscent of his “I Got The Keys” collabo.  A very typical track, but will satisfy the new generation of Jay and Bey fans.  By the way, the Migos did co-write the track. And the highlight was hearing Bey actually rapping.  It was actually pretty dope to see more levels to her talent.
  3. Boss – A very smooth and laid back track.  Even Hov’s flow was laid back.  Jay-Z drops knowledge about being a true boss in business by the company you keep. Bey rides the track with such precision and so regal.  The horns in the track give that championship feel.
  4. Nice – One of my favorite tracks on the album.  “I Can Do Anything” haunts the track over the Pharrell production.  The name of the track alone describes the track. Their vocals blended with the smooth piano riff and guest vocals from Pharrell himself blessed the track. Motivational track.
  5. 713 – The area code for Houston.  No wonder Bey went hard on the track.  The “Still D.R.E” interpolation in the hook, with the guest interpolation by Jay-Z of Common’sThe Light“, brings the dope and hype to the track. My favorite track. Well done Carters! The Cool and Dre, Fred Ball and 808-Ray beat just goes harder than New York Streets on a hot summer day. My favorite track.
  6. Friends – The truth about true friendships and support.  Even their own relationship in which Hov confessed his endless devotion to his Queen.  Powerful track with a rhythmic feel.  Thanks Boi1da!
  7. Heard About Us – This is the song that will hype up any Bey-hive member ready for war. This was basically a warning to those who gossip and slander the royal names and kingdom of the Carters.  A force not to be messed with. Don’t believe the hype.
  8. Black Effect – The Broken Strings sample (Flower Travellin’ Band) in this song is what makes this track awesome.  Classic Jay-Z  type of vibe.  This is more Hov than Jay and BeyBeyoncé is so gangster in this track and her vocals blended in the background really brings the beauty out of the beast of the song. Another one of my favorites on this masterpiece.
  9. LoveHappy –  I love how the beginning has that classic Hip Hop instruments come in, with the Biggie-type of flow. Another paying homage to Common moment revisited, with the interpolation of the Chicago emcee’s verse from Erykah Badu’sLove of My Life“.  This track answers every question fans and Bey-hivers had for every controversial moment the power couple ever went through (infidelity, the Solange-elevator incident, etc.). I loved the playful back and forth commentary between the two.  Funny and informative on a very dope Hip Hop track.

Overall an executed masterpiece, well put together by theatrical production.  It feels like an audio version of a blockbuster love story.  Man meets Woman. They find themselves emotionally through drama.  Destroy and rebuild.  A perfect recipe for a good movie or play. You almost forget its music.


Listen to EVERYTHING IS LOVE by THE CARTERS (Jay-Z and Beyoncé) :



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