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#FMTrends: Offset Finally Releases Solo Album Father of 4 [Links]



Photo Credit: Apple Music

Offset Finally Releases Solo Album Father of 4

Salutations FM Trendsetters!  Migos is one of the most trendsetting and “drippest” of the culture that we are in today.  With the success of the multi-platinum effort “Culture” and follow-up “Culture 2“, they have been climbing all over the charts .  Quavo released his solo effort, Take Off released his as well. Both albums similar to their prior “Culture” series and “No Label” mix tapes.  However member Offset took a unique approach.  In the words of my co-journalist Prez, the album “Father of 4“, released over the weekend on all social media music outlets,  it was reminiscent of Jay-Z‘s 2017 release “4:44“.  The Migos rapper mentions, as well as elaborates, on all the situations and personal life of the man behind the moniker, Kiari Kendrell Cephus.  This solo album shows us a side we didn’t know of the rapper as a father, husband with flaws, infidelity and raising kids as a teen dad and now. Not your average Migo album.  Here is a track by track review of the new album by Offset:

  1. Father of 4 (feat. Big Rube): With an explosive spoken word of fatherhood from Big Rube, I love how Offset got really personal, as a son of an absent drug addicted father, and the mistakes he made as a teen dad.  This song was a letter to all four of kids.
  2.  How Did I Get Here (feat. J. Cole):  Hot track and one of my favorites. Humble beginnings to his success now, with the assist from one of my favorite artists, J. Cole.  Both delivered excellently.
  3. Lick: A Hustler’s track with repentance. Love the civil rights references and the energy of the track.
  4. Tats on My Face: Typical Migos track but definitely lit! He does mention how the death of his brother affects his life of hustling and current lifestyle.
  5. Made Men:  He compares his success and tenacity to other artists in the game.  He displays how he’s different from them. Consistently staying on top.
  6. Wild Wild West (feat Gunna): Another favorite track. Between the Drip So Hard rapper and Offset, this track does not go short of expectation. The way they rode the track was great!
  7. North Star (feat Cee-Lo): Redemption and repentance of infidelity and hustling.  Another hustler’s track and Cee-Lo brought the finish to the bridge in the track. ATL united!
  8. After Dark: Explains the price of the game. Music or trapping.  The possible end results. Love this track!
  9. Dont Lose Me: A recording of the infamous apology posted on his Instagram end of last year.  This track was his feelings during the brief break-up between him and his famous wife, and an answer to her platinum “Be Careful” track.  Very creative.
  10. Underrated: “Believe in Christ, because I live a good life…” The fight for being rated more than another mumble rapper. This album proves that.  Offset chose a great approach when he orchestrated this album. Very short track but strait to the point.
  11. Legacy (feat Travis $cott & 21 Savage): This 808 Mafia produced track was needed to switch the mode of the album to make it more versatile.  Houston and Atlanta was represented very well on this track. A “dripped out” track.  Another favorite.  Something to ride to.
  12. Clout (feat Cardi B):  I always love when Cardi B and Offset collaborate on a track.  This track proved him and his wife, despite the storms they been through, they still out to build an empire and knock all these “clout-chasers” out of here.  Cardi B delivers another unforgettable verse. My favorite track overall.  That piano rift was everything!
  13. On Fleek (feat Quavo): By this time you already knew there was going to be a Migos track on this album. Yet, it fitted perfectly in the track listing and the concept of the whole effort.
  14. Quarter Milli (feat Gucci Mane): The chemistry is always awesome between the East Atlanta Santa and Offset. Another “dripped out” track that will drown you in the sauce! If you don’t drown, Young Metro will shoot you to finish, with this track.
  15. Red Room: First single off the album and the perfect one to use for promotion.  Sets the whole mood for this whole album.  I thought Offset would use this as the 2nd track in listing. The video was so creative. I can see this track used in movies or documentaries.
  16. Came A Long Way: Another Metro Boomin produced track. Very dope. The perfect ending to a great album.

Listening to this album, you are guaranteed not to skip a track. However this is only my opinion. Hit the links below and hear it for yourself:

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