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#FMTrends: Styles P Proves He Is The GOAT With New Project [Links]



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Styles P Proves He Is The GOAT With New Project

Salutations FM Trendsetters and FM Hip Hop Heads! Already riding on the success of his collaboration effort with Harlem emcee Dave East,  the Ghost steps down from his owner and CEO role at his infamous Juices For Life business to come back to the booth with a new project; S.P. The GOAT: Ghost Of All Time FM Hip Hop has the track by track music review exclusive on this critically acclaimed project, released over the weekend:

  1. Push The Line (feat Whispers & Sheek Louch): Vintage Vinny Idol production from his previous mixtapes.  Definitely gets you prepared for the rest of the project.  Whispers croons with drama to the ghostly (no pun intended) track with guest vocals from fellow D-Block rapper Sheek Louch.  Fan favorite.
  2. So Much To Say: Wow.  Styles P goes all out, no holds barred with this track, a letter to his haters and those that still think he is less then great.  Bars on bars along with present social media references, the veteran emcee expresses his lack of care of what you think about him or the music.  Styles still gets his message across.
  3. Give N Take:  One of my favorites.  Showing faith is the catalyst of success and prosperity, along with the works beat through prayer.  Story telling type of track with a message.
  4. Deadman (feat Jadakiss and Nino Man): That D-Block feel we needed, especially as a fan of the collective for decades.  Bars only, with aggression.  Great assist from Jada and D-Block affiliate Nino Man. Another favorite.
  5. Raw Dreams: From the streets to success. Motivational music.  Get to the bag music.
  6. Filthy (feat D-Block Europe): Guitar rifts mixed with keyboard and snares.  The track rides hard yet smooth. But despite the smoothness, Styles P‘s revolutionary lyrics with the hook provided by D-Block Europe makes the track raw.
  7. The Professionals (feat Lil Fame):  Now I’m not going to lie. I really thought Styles was going to have DJ Clue on the track.  I can hear the legendary “Clue!” throughout the track, however this was not the case.  M.O.P‘s Lil Fame‘s erie appearance made up for it though. Love the Marvel comics reference with the “stronger than Thor” bar.  Especially the DJ mixing in the track.  Still wish DJ Clue and Thoro had some kind of hand in it.
  8. What’s Up Boy (feat Nino Man): My favorite track on the project.  Very hype.  Love the dramatic intro.  Nino Man was always my new favorite rapper of this generation. Harlem stand up!
  9. Change (feat Cris Streetz): That sample though! Strait fire! Story tracks are always the best! “You don’t want a beef with me, you should head to Five Guys“, Wow. For the fact he is a vegan, this bar stands out even more!
  10. Out In The Jungle: A very ghost like track.  Very spooky beat with spooky vocals and ghastly laughs throughout the beat in ad libs. Scary but will get your head banging non stop. Reminds you of a DMX track.  Where is the Dog at? Enter DMX signature bark here.
  11. Really Us: Snares and piano keys. Second favorite track.  Should’ve named it “Forrest Whitaker” because of the bar and hook.  Rappers faking.  This track will get them to run off and hide.
  12. I Aint S**t: Despite the name of the track, Styles P proves otherwise.  The way he ride the beat, he only proves more of the title of his project. The G.O.A.T.

If you did not hear this yet, you had to be hiding under a rock, or just do not know true hip hop in its rawest form. Do not take my word for it.  Click the links below and you be the judge:

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