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Kanye West Attempts to Manipulate Kid Cudi



Kanye West reposts Kid Cudi, asks for "Love"

Ye continues to find himself at the forefront of popular news. The Atlanta rapper has taken his divorce with ex-wife Kim Kardashian hard. It seems by the day Ye becomes more and more unhinged, escalating from bad-mouthing Kim to complaining about birthday party arraignments, to buying a house across from herEarlier this week Kanye made a move that may have caused irreparable damage to his relationship with Kid Cudi. He posted a letter addressed to Cudi cutting him out of his latest album Donda 2.

However, early yesterday Kanye seems to be attempting to backtrack on his perplexing behavior. He has yet to apologize to his long-time friend but seems to be seeking reconciliation.

Another Breakup

The breakup of Kanye West and Kid Cudi may have shocked fans more than his divorce with Kim. Kanye and Cudi have been a team for over a decade. In fact, Cudi has appeared on every single Kanye album since 2008. Evidently, Kanye sought to leverage this relationship for… something? Regardless, it is clear that Cudi gave absolutely no f*cks and called Kanye’s bluff. FMHipHop has already covered this interaction and its immediate fallout extensively.

However just yesterday Kanye had allegedly asked Cudi to take him back. According to Hip Hop DX, Kanye reposted one of Cudi’s posts, offering an “olive branch”, which is an odd image since the entire incident was created by Kanye.


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Reportedly Kanye reposted this post with the caption, “I can still feel the love. Love you family.” The reason for repeatedly using “allegedly” and “reportedly” is because, at the time of writing, it appears Kanye’s repost has been taken down, which isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Cudi’s post also seems to be preventing comments, so who knows what happened.

All we know is that this isn’t exactly what we would call an “olive branch.” If it exists, I think it would be more apt to call it an attempt at manipulation. Evidently, Kanye hasn’t even bothered to apologize and instead seems to be trying to guilt Cudi into feeling sorry for him by pretending to have nothing but love for Cudi so obviously the problem must be on his end right? Except you can scroll up on this article and see hard proof of Kanye’s true feelings.

Kanye Lashes Out at Pete Davidson

Kanye has made his feelings towards Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, clear over and over again. Spoiler: it’s not positive. Earlier today, he send out several posts on Instagram seemingly enraged by Pete Davidson’s latest skits.


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By Chris Colasurdo
@cfcolsaurdo on Twitter

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