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Power Book II Returns With Trailer For Long-Awaited Season 3



Image Source: Press/Starz

Power Book II: Ghost is returning to our screens next month on St. Patrick’s Day. A release date fit for Tariq St. Patrick, played by Michael Rainey Jr., who teased us with a new trailer on his Instagram.

The long-awaited season 3 continues to follow Tariq in New York, but it looks like his luck is wearing thin.

Tariq Image Change

The trailer shows shots fired at a funeral (which we all can assume is Zeke’s) and the first few seconds Davis MacLean, played by Method Man, warning St. Patrick about his “image.”

MacLean says — “a suit does a lot for an image, Tariq. But it won’t fool the people still watching… your every move.” Then St. Patrick answers with “I made it this far, right?”

The Tejada Family Grieves While Tariq Finds New Market

In addition, Tariq James St. Patrick comes to a revelation and creates a new lane for money to come through… Wall Street. This epiphany arrives as the Tejada family grieve their cousin, or brother after Monet’s — played by Mary J. Blidge — confession, Zeke’s death.

Consequently leading to the blossoming drug kingpin invading Wall Street’s financial district to move product. However, some similarities spark — as we all know Tariq was trying to run from the ghost of his father — and it looks like the nightclub scene is exactly where he will end up.

Is Tariq Following Ghost’s Footsteps?

Therefore the legacy does remind us and his fictional grandmother in the dramatic clip, “I’m not like my dad… I’m smarter than him.” But time will tell as we watch Tariq’s future intensify right before our eyes.

According to The Wrap, Starz promises this season will be “flashier, sexier, and juicier” than anything we’ve seen yet. I guess the strip club scene in the trailer is a hint for what is to come. We also see Brayden whipping out a gun in a close-up shot, Monet aiming hers at someone multiple times, and Tariq having one aimed at him as usual.

It seems it will be extreme, and I’d like to say we are all ready for season 3.

Season 4?

According to Variety, 50 Cent’s Power Book II got an early season 4 renewal. Hopefully this means the wait won’t be too long this time between seasons…

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